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Category: slowthai

slowthai & Kenny Beats - MAGIC Lyrics

slowthai & Kenny Beats – MAGIC Lyrics

MAGIC By slowthai & Kenny Beats To introduce to you a man who needs to no introduction (Woah, Kenny) Lacking, lagging, mind, I’m slacking Send ’em packing, chip, I’m snacking […]

slowthai – ENEMY Lyrics

ENEMY By slowthai Everyone, send your thoughts to slowthai Fuck knows where he is, but God bless the boy Grr, grr Haha, yeah Grr Fuck a fortune teller, I’m a […]

slowthai – Northampton’s Child Lyrics

Northampton’s Child by slowthai Northampton general 1994 Mixed race baby born Christmas went a week before Mum’s 16, family’s poor Family’s all she needs How they gonna show her the […]

slowthai – Missing Lyrics

Missing by slowthai Balcony Stories high High telling stories in story time Same routine getting boring why You do the same thing then you compromise Moral compass always points wrong […]

slowthai – Peace Of Mind Lyrics

Peace Of Mind by slowthai I feel peace of mind when I’m sleeping in my bed and I can’t hear it I feel peace of mind when I’m dreaming of […]