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Christopher Smith Jr., better known by his stage name Smino, is an American rapper and singer

Smino – Kushmas Lyrics

Kushmas By Smino “See . . . Baby, you know, I just be, out the way, trynna stay . . . High . . . “ I’ll, be high for […]

Smino – Trina Lyrics

Trina By Smino Lyrics Look, Carlos, I asked you nicely But now I’m gettin’ very irritated For the last time, will you please stay off my freakin’ grass? That’s Lido […]

Smino – Reverend Lyrics

Reverend by Smino I halt, had to stop, had to look to my right (I looked) I walk ’round the room, it was clear as Sprite (Oh) Everybody riding ain’t gon’ steer you right […]

Smino Lyrics

Smino – Summersalt Lyrics

Summersalt Lyrics by Smino I’m gonna run through this. Give me some time to really collect these bars, I’m gonna take care of Verse 1 if anyone wants to chip […]

Smino Lyrics

Smino – Verizon Lyrics

Verizon Lyrics by Smino [Intro](Where you at?)But I was just like this s--- just… you know what I’m sayin’?This s--- real polished, you feel me, like?You know what I’m sayin’?No […]

Smino Lyrics

Smino – MF Groove Lyrics

MF Groove Lyrics by Smino [Hook]Think I done caught my groove againI found the 1… 2… 3…There’s a leak in the roof, aw damnRain on my fun (fun)Dripping down to […]

Smino Lyrics

Smino – Skedos Lyrics

Skedos Lyrics by Smino [Intro]See, babyDrip like I jumped right off in the lakeForgot I can’t swim now I’m stuck, hyperventilateDrowned in my drip on that hoeThink I see the […]

Smino Lyrics

Smino – Krushed Ice Lyrics

Krushed Ice Lyrics by Smino [Intro: Smino]Crushed ice, splashy charmWhere you get it? Is your woman worth?Crushed ice f-----’ up your peripheralCrushed… uh, clear [Chorus: Smino]I like—I like f-----’ two […]

Smino Lyrics

Smino – Bam 2x Lyrics

Bam 2x Lyrics by Smino [Hook 1]Pull up in a Camry, b---- bad like AmerieAnd it’s just one thingIt’s just that one thingPull up jamboreeInside, peanut butterOutside, jamInside, peanut butterOutside, […]

Smino Lyrics

Smino – Fenty Sex Lyrics

Fenty S-- Lyrics by Smino [Intro]See babyYou ain’t gotta hideI know what you areYou beautifulI love you [Hook]Sh-sh-she taste like some papaya, (baby) ohFruits of my labor getting riper, ohBackwoods […]

Smino – Low Down Derrty Blues Lyrics

Low Down Derrty Blues Lyrics by Smino [Verse 1]Checked in a hotel tonightA li’l early gotta set it rightIf I could, I’d settle down in yo celluliteFresh oil from Jamaica […]

Smino Lyrics

Smino – Pizano Lyrics

Pizano Lyrics by Smino [Intro]Zuchy babySmoovSkrrr! [Hook 1]UhuhShe got Italian draws, uhuh (uhuh)It turn my mustache soft, uhuh (uhuh)Pizanos muah, uhuhN---- that’s good bread, uhuh (uhuh) [Hook 2]Big blood it […]

Smino Lyrics

Smino – Hoopti Lyrics

Hoopti Lyrics by Smino [Hook]You look like a classic, took yo’ time and crafted this(God damn I swear to God)Moving through these chapters, booked and busy, page my s---(Paging my […]

Smino Lyrics

Smino – We Got the Biscuits Lyrics

We Got the Biscuits Lyrics by Smino [Intro]OoohWoah!OoohThere you go baby [Hook]I’m positively poppin’, on my zit s---Tap the p---- proper, (no hands) it’s a meniscusDovey dovey dovey dove (we […]

Smino Lyrics

Smino – Merlot Lyrics

Merlot Lyrics by Smino [Intro]Pop that muh’f----- f--- you mean, what you doin’Yeah pop that s---Hittin’ that-that-that-that-that taroSippin’ that-that-that-that-that mer, merlotSippin’ that-that-that-that-that-that-thatMet her once, f----- twiceB---- with the funk, p-funk, […]

Z4L Lyrics

Smino – Z4L Lyrics

Z4L Lyrics by Smino [Intro]Off some real life s--- though broI’ve been having some wild a--, like I ain’t even on no recording s--- right now broWhat you meanBroooWhat fo’?You […]