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Category: Smokepurpp

Album: Lost Planet (2019)

Smokepurpp – Gucci Goggles Lyrics

“Gucci Goggles” Released May 10, 2019 by Smokepurpp [Smokepurpp] Whoa Purpp Be on it Uh B---- Uh Duol oot enigne ym, tnangi [Smokepurpp] She say I’m ignant, my engine too […]

Smokepurpp - Type To Lyrics

Smokepurpp – Type To Lyrics

“Type To” Released May 10, 2019 by Smokepurpp [Smokepurpp] I got skinnies up on my Glocks, still fit in those (Pop, pop) I put a hole in him, now he […]

Smokepurpp – Walk on Water Lyrics

Walk on Water by Smokepurpp [Smokepurpp] Purpp Phlexin’ Yeah, I get what I want Whoa I’m gon’ do what I want Whoa, uh, whoa [Smokepurpp] B----, I’m the goat, feel […]

Smokepurpp – Double Lyrics

Double Lyrics by Smokepurpp [Smokepurpp] I don’t wanna f--- a single b----, I want a double (wooh) B----, I keep the piece like I came here with a puzzle (grr) […]

Smokepurpp – Throw Away Lyrics

Throw Away Lyrics by Smokepurpp [Smokepurpp] I just want the head after my show, no time to waste (tip top) I got 30 minutes before my tour bus go away […]

Smokepurpp – Chandelier Lyrics

Chandelier Lyrics by Smokepurpp [Smokepurpp] Versace robe Versace sheets I’m throwing money, she come with me Came in a ghost, Bentley too cheap (Skrrt) P---- got miles, p---- is cheap […]

Smokepurpp – 3-8 Hot Lyrics

3-8 Hot Lyrics by Smokepurpp [Smokepurpp] 808 Pound Slatt! [Smokepurpp] Just like a 3-8, yeah, b---- you know I stay hot (hot) Glock 26 red on red dot, put you […]

Smokepurpp – Weapon Lyrics

Weapon Lyrics by Smokepurpp [Smokepurpp] Hollup, Jetson made another one [Smokepurpp] B-B---- I keep a stick, keep a weapon (Uh) Not too long ago, I was trapped out 7/11 (Uh […]

Smokepurpp – Repeat Lyrics

Repeat Lyrics by Smokepurpp [Smokepurpp] Get this m------------ money, n---- Dope money, n---- Coke money, n---- Dope money, n---- Uh! Whoa, Kenny! [Smokepurpp] I just bought this car, no renting […]

Smokepurpp – Remember Me Lyrics

Remember Me Lyrics by Smokepurpp [Smokepurpp] Remember my words, don’t remember my name 88 [Smokepurpp] Feelings, I won’t show any other There’s people I know that don’t have any other […]

Smokepurpp – Sauce Like This Lyrics

Sauce Like This Lyrics Smokepurpp Lil Purpp Flossing, saucing N---- can’t floss like this Yeah (blit) Blit (Slatt) Blit, blit (ouu!) Blit! He can’t sauce like this (No!) He can’t […]

Smokepurpp – Baguettes Lyrics

Baguettes by Smokepurpp FEAT. Gunna Amiri jeans hold the tech, that’s how I be styling That lil’ b---- gimme that neck, take her on an island AP with the baguettes, […]