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Category: Smokepurpp

Album: Lost Planet (2019)

Smokepurpp – Audi II Lyrics

Audi II By Smokepurpp Uh (Yeah) Lil Purpp bless yo trap (B----) Ayy (Oh my God, Ronny) I need a bag, f--- a b---- Smokin’ biscotti and cookie, I mix […]

Smokepurpp – Dirty Dirty Lyrics

Dirty Dirty By Smokepurpp ft. Lil Skies What we doin’ Apex? Uh Send me your location, I pull up right now (Grrt) Smoke a dumb n---- like a Black & Mild (Grrt) From […]

Smokepurpp – Stevie Lyrics

Stevie By Smokepurpp Lyrics Yeah, I had to show n----- I’m really back They thought I fell off, now they taking it back Phantom got curtains, I sit in the […]

Smokepurpp – Gucci Goggles Lyrics

“Gucci Goggles” Released May 10, 2019 by Smokepurpp [Smokepurpp] Whoa Purpp Be on it Uh B---- Uh Duol oot enigne ym, tnangi [Smokepurpp] She say I’m ignant, my engine too […]

Smokepurpp - Type To Lyrics

Smokepurpp – Type To Lyrics

“Type To” Released May 10, 2019 by Smokepurpp [Smokepurpp] I got skinnies up on my Glocks, still fit in those (Pop, pop) I put a hole in him, now he […]