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Category: Smokepurpp

Album: Lost Planet (2019)

Smokepurpp - 200 Thou Lyrics

Smokepurpp – 200 Thou Lyrics

200 Thou Lyrics – Smokepurpp Yeah, walkin’ through the mall Ginseng Walkin’ in the mall Ho, bitch, yeah I got two hundred on me, walked through the mall and this […]

Smokepurpp - Rockstar Lyrics

Smokepurpp – Rockstar Lyrics

Rockstar Lyrics – Smokepurpp I won’t make it, nah, no way Rockstar, wockstar I won’t make it I got three bad hoes in the lobby waitin’ I got four foreign […]

Smokepurpp - Tic Tac Lyrics

Smokepurpp – Tic Tac Lyrics

Tic Tac Lyrics – Smokepurpp Ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, yeah Huh It’s a big fact (Bitch), if I pull up, get your shit snatched (Huh?) Bitch, I stack them […]

Smokepurpp - NEVER HAVE I EVER Lyrics

Smokepurpp – NEVER HAVE I EVER Lyrics

NEVER HAVE I EVER Lyrics – Smokepurpp Let’s go Mario Never have I ever been dependent on a bitch, ho Introverted nigga, these imposters make me sick, ho She stepped […]