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Category: Snail Mail

Snail Mail - Light Blue Lyrics

Snail Mail – Light Blue Lyrics

Light Blue Lyrics – Snail Mail First time I met you I knew then That after words there’d be No in between We can sail the ocean blue Or just […]

Snail Mail - c. Et Al. Lyrics

Snail Mail – c. Et Al. Lyrics

c. Et Al. Lyrics – Snail Mail Woke up without why or how Wasted, asleep on the couch Routine as it is, I can start everyday Without all the messin’ […]

Snail Mail - Glory Lyrics

Snail Mail – Glory Lyrics

Glory Lyrics – Snail Mail You want it all Superstar Jesus died just to save you Walk me down Hollywood Boulevard Get me high in the hotel room You owe […]

Snail Mail - Automate Lyrics

Snail Mail – Automate Lyrics

Automate Lyrics – Snail Mail One more drink ’til I can feel you And when the party’s empty We can slow-dance in my room Tried life without you But you […]

Snail Mail - Mia Lyrics

Snail Mail – Mia Lyrics

Mia Lyrics – Snail Mail Isn’t it strange The way it’s just over? No late-night calls You’re not here to walk me to my door Now I just love you […]

Snail Mail - Madonna Lyrics

Snail Mail – Madonna Lyrics

Madonna Lyrics – Snail Mail You’ve got a way to you, original Madonna Won’t make the rest just go away Spent the money, throwing ones at supermodels Everybody wants to […]

Snail Mail - Ben Franklin Lyrics

Snail Mail – Ben Franklin Lyrics

Ben Franklin Lyrics – Snail Mail Part two feels like spring All on my own, guess the shit just makes you boring Got money, I don’t care about sex You […]

Snail Mail - Valentine Lyrics

Snail Mail – Valentine Lyrics

Valentine Lyrics – Snail Mail Let’s go be alone Where no one can see us, honey Careful in that room Those parasitic cameras, don’t they stop to stare at you […]

Snail Mail – Heat Wave Lyrics

Heat Wave by Snail Mail Released : 2018 I’m so tired of moving on Spending every weekend so far gone Heat wave, nothing to do Woke up in my clothes […]