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Category: Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg – Ventalation Lyrics

[RJMrLA] Ayy,  it’s too many to choose from, I can’t pick (Ayy) I  grab two, we dip out and take pics (Yeah) New car and I lose calm, my favorite (Ayy) Poolside, I skinny […]

Snoop Dogg – Do You Like I Do Lyrics

Nope, nope Nope‚ nope Do you like I do Do you like I do You stay on my phone‚ talking ’bout‚ “What happening?” I said, “Bitch, I’m home‚ ain’t nothing cracking” I only wanna […]

Snoop Dogg – Main Phone Lyrics

[Rick Rock] On  my main phone, textin’ with this other phone Tryna  keep these lights on, sleepin’ with my Nikes on Doin’ hella shit, bustin’ patterns in a random Watch my paper get longer […]

Snoop Dogg – Doo Wop Thank Me Lyrics

[The HamilTones] I wanna thank me for never quitting I wanna thank me for always believing I wanna thank me for always being a giver I wanna thank me, oh yes I do Oh, […]