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Category: SOB x RBE

SOB X RBE – Still Won’t Lyrics

Still Won’t By SOB X RBE And once your friends your enemies, this shit get tricky, nigga (Tricky, nigga) Get you popped and ask, “Who shot ya?” Like I’m Biggie, […]

SOB X RBE – When U See Me Lyrics

When U See Me By SOB X RBE You know you only call me when you need something Sliding down blocks tryna bleed something You know you want a nigga […]

SOB X RBE – Everybody Lyrics

Everybody By SOB X RBE All she ever wanted was a rich nigga (Was a rich nigga) All I ever wanted was ’bout ten figures, ayy (Was ’bout ten figures) […]

SOB X RBE – My Thugs Lyrics

My Thugs By SOB X RBE And I’m off this Henny, I’m off Patron Free all of my thugs, hope they make it home Free all of my thugs, hope […]