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Category: SoMo


The Answers (Album 2017)

01. Intro
02. Mirror
03. First
04. Champion
05. Play
06. Control
07. Over
08. Curve
09. Do You
10. Want It
11. Just a Man
12. Answers
13. You (Bonus)

SoMo – Mi Amor Lyrics

Mi Amor By SoMo I met a lil’ Latina Her name was Katarina She had a good demeanor And I just wanna let her know Started movin’ front to back, […]

SoMo – Sinkin’ Down Lyrics

Sinkin’ Down By SoMo Pull up in a two seata Say ya livin la vida Got me switching lanes Let me pump that meter I’m on my way Could I […]

SoMo – Maybe Lyrics

Maybe By SoMo Hang the mistletoe You’ve been waiting Acting so damn impatient The snow falls down Hollow Dazin’ Miss me Hate it’s been so long since you put all […]

SoMo – All the Time Lyrics

All the Time By SoMo You say you’re guarded I hate these pardons You don’t know what that does to me Think that you’re hardened I left you heartless Told […]

SoMo – Neck Lyrics

Neck Lyrics by SoMo [SoMo] Ooh, the way you do The way you move The way you rock that body right Ooh, the way you breathe The way you shake […]

SoMo – Wild Heart Lyrics

Oh yeah Oh whoa, whoa, whoa Come on Woke up last night Haunting me all the time I wrote you a valentine Speaking of all the signs I hold the […]