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Category: SoMo


The Answers (Album 2017)

01. Intro
02. Mirror
03. First
04. Champion
05. Play
06. Control
07. Over
08. Curve
09. Do You
10. Want It
11. Just a Man
12. Answers
13. You (Bonus)

SoMo – All the Time Lyrics

All the Time By SoMo You say you’re guarded I hate these pardons You don’t know what that does to me Think that you’re hardened I left you heartless Told […]

SoMo – Neck Lyrics

Neck Lyrics by SoMo [SoMo] Ooh, the way you do The way you move The way you rock that body right Ooh, the way you breathe The way you shake […]

SoMo – Wild Heart Lyrics

Oh yeah Oh whoa, whoa, whoa Come on Woke up last night Haunting me all the time I wrote you a valentine Speaking of all the signs I hold the […]

SoMo – I Wish Lyrics

I Wish Lyrics SoMo I wish we’d go back to the heart of it all We were born and raised to love with our soul City wide We were running […]

SoMo – Better Me Lyrics

Better Me by SoMo Released : 2018 Do you want a little privacy? Or do you wanna run away with me? You know I’m overplayin’ hide & see And I’ve […]

SoMo – 50 Feet Lyrics

50 Feet by SoMo Released : 2017 50 50 Feet up underground You know I keep my feet on the sound 50 50 Feet up underground You know I keep […]

SoMo – Want It Lyrics

Want It by SoMo Album : The Answers Released : 2017 Genre : R&B Label : Universal Records Got you tied up in the sheets The darker side of fantasy […]