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Category: Stella Donnelly

Stella Donnelly – Die Lyrics

Die Lyrics By Stella Donnelly Look me in the eye Tell me that your fine Let me see your face I know what you like You know that I love […]

Stella Donnelly – Bistro Lyrics

Bistro Lyrics By Stella Donnelly You walk away You walk away You never loved enough Your never home enough You walk away You walk away You never loved enough Your […]

Stella Donnelly – Lunch Lyrics

Lunch Lyrics By Stella Donnelly Cracking my neck in the consulate line While a homesick American flag’s hanging by in the fluorescent light Up close I see how they stitched […]

Stella Donnelly – Tricks Lyrics

Tricks Lyrics By Stella Donnelly You had dinner at Jude’s and you broke all the plates Telling your favourite joke where you break all the plates You threw all of […]

Stella Donnelly – Allergies Lyrics

Allergies Lyrics By Stella Donnelly No one wants to talks about The fight we had in June And when December rolls around I won’t be next to ya You used […]

Stella Donnelly – Mosquito Lyrics

Mosquito Lyrics By Stella Donnelly I got sick of waiting Tuesday afternoon K Line sea containers Thunder past my room I use my vibrator Wishing it was you I was […]

stella donnelly – Old Man Lyrics

Old Man Lyrics by stella donnelly [stella donnelly] He’s reading sport on the news, white man white teeth in a suit He’s got that style And then alone in his […]