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Category: Surfaces

Surfaces – Bloom Lyrics

Bloom By Surfaces I was thinking ’bout you and the things that you do A picture-perfect moment of a California view The color of your eyes in the Malibu skies […]

Surfaces – Good Day Lyrics

Good Day by Surfaces Spent all of our time outside, all day Doin’ whatever we like, our way Didn’t need a wall to build a new space Every moment just […]

Surfaces – Keep It Gold Lyrics

Keep It Gold by Surfaces Right from the start I knew we could never part Something magic in the way that you move Oh what a shame we could never feel the pain That […]

Surfaces – Take Some Time Lyrics

Take Some Time Lyrics by Surfaces A perfect afternoon, to feel this lovely So I stay, where it’s sunny And I call you, to come and meet me You said […]