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BLACK TEETH Lyrics – SYML I’m chipping at my black teeth, and nobody can stop me I have lost my need for them I went to bed starving, she hit […]



STAY CLOSE Lyrics – SYML I morning is morning and we hear differently Right now it’s all I see In my brokenness, I found some peace This morning wakes my […]

SYML - True Lyrics

SYML – True Lyrics

True Lyrics – SYML I can’t believe it’s over, I was there they said “forever” It’s getting harder to pretend, it’s good to know that it’s on trend Take the […]

SYML - Flags Lyrics

SYML – Flags Lyrics

Flags Lyrics – SYML Somewhere in the fog I heard a cry It kept me up for hours Haunts me every night Screaming through my veins the fire spreads Fill […]

SYML- Fear of the Water Lyrics

Fear of the Water By SYML Some ancient call That I’ve answered before It lives in my walls And it’s under the floor If this was meant for me why […]

SYML – Take Me Apart Lyrics

Take Me Apart By SYML Look at the desperate man Clutching with broken hands Wondering how it ends Stumbling back and forth Looking to start a war I’m lucky he […]

SYML – Symmetry Lyrics

Symmetry By SYML Lyrics Come now child, the day is long Hide not yourself from me Angels sing the final song Silence will turn to sleep Take heed my son […]

SYML – Bed Lyrics

Bed Lyrics by SYML [SYML] in the still of the night at the foot of your bed i guess i was lost i guess i got in over my head  […]

SYML – Wdwgily Lyrics

Wdwgily by SYML Released : 2018 Where do we go, I love you Where do we go, I love you Where do we go, I love you Where do we […]

SYML – Body Lyrics

Body by SYML Released : 2018 In my body I have a master I bow down when she comes around In my body I’m a disaster I break down when […]