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Category: T-Pain

T-Pain – Girlfriend Lyrics

Girlfriend By T-Pain (ft. G-Eazy) Get this paper, get this paper, come get this paper (Yeah) Get this paper, get this paper, come get this paper Me and my girl […]

T-Pain – All I Want Lyrics

All I Want Lyrics by T-Pain Feat. Flipp Dinero Roly on my finger, Roly, Roly Patek on my neck, my neck, my neck Necklace on my shin bone, get gone […]

T-Pain – That’s Yo Money Lyrics

That’s Yo Money Lyrics T-Pain Boop Boop Yeah Boop Boop Yeah Boop Boop Boop Boop Yeah I know you know you’re fine and you know I know Tryna bust it […]

T-Pain – Might Be Lyrics

Might Be by T-Pain Feat. Gucci Mane Released : 2018 [T-Pain & Gucci Mane:] Boop T-PAIN Boop Gucci Mane Boop La Flare Boop [T-Pain:] I promise you ain’t met a […]

T-Pain – Boo’d Up Lyrics

Boo’d Up by T-Pain (Ella Mai T-Mix) [T-Pain] This s--- been overdue I’m still not over you, oh This s--- been overdue It’s a T-Mix, baby [T-Pain] They be like, […]

T-Pain – That Comeback Lyrics

That Comeback by T-Pain Released : 2017 [T-Pain:] Aye Bands on… Ooh, really wanna come see you I can’t stop thinking ’bout the night, night, night Ooh you got that […]

T-Pain – 2 Fine Lyrics

2 Fine by T-Pain Released : 2017 Oh, yeah Yeah Oh, yeah Man I got a problem with my baby She too fine everytime I see my baby like ouuh […]

T-Pain – Goal Line Lyrics

Goal Line by T-Pain Released : 2017 [T-Pain & Blac Youngsta:] You Okay? You got it? (Lil bitty b----) Need a pat on the back? (W----) You got it, she […]

T-Pain – Your Friend Lyrics

Your Friend by T-Pain Released : 2017 You need to stop bringing your female friends around me, and know that I’ma like ’em Give that b---- my number, tell that […]

T-Pain – She Needed Me Lyrics

She Needed Me by T-Pain Released : 2017 I still don’t know what she put in my mind But I want it gone Immediately She makes me think I need […]

T-Pain – I Told My Girl Lyrics

I Told My Girl by T-Pain Released : 2017 Full Lyrics will be available soon. check back later or you can send us the lyrics using form below. T-Pain – […]

T-Pain – May I Lyrics

May I by T-Pain Released : 2017 Yeah, yeah, yeah Oh yeah, (oh yeah) Oh yeah, (ooh yeah) May I? (May I?) May I? yeah May I? May I? (ooh […]