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Takeoff – Bruce Wayne Lyrics

Bruce Wayne Lyrics by TakeoffReleased: 2018 It’s bigger than what you thought it wasCan you picture me rollin’?Haha(That boy Cass’) I bet they know the name and the game (Game)What’s […]

Takeoff – Soul Plane Lyrics

Soul Plane Lyrics by TakeoffReleased: 2018 That boy Cassius Fast lane, n----, soul chain, drippin’ real fameWhole gang geekin’ on the plane like it’s Soul PlaneWhat’s your name? Catch a […]

Takeoff – Infatuation Lyrics

Infatuation Lyrics by TakeoffReleased: 2018 [Dayytona Fox:]I love you so much, and um, haha, I dedicate this to youYeah Right now (Right now)I gotta get close to you baby, right […]

Takeoff – Insomnia Lyrics

Insomnia Lyrics by TakeoffReleased: 2018 Yeah, yeahYeah, uh, uh, uh, huhOoh, yeahYou know what the f--- going on, n----Yeah, Buddah Bless this beat Count up my money and give me […]

Takeoff – Lead the Wave Lyrics

Lead the Wave Lyrics by TakeoffReleased: 2018 Yeah, leadYou know I lead by example (DJ Durel)Lead Lead the wave (Lead)I’m ’bout to lead the wave (Lead)Well follow me, lead the […]

Takeoff – I Remember Lyrics

I Remember Lyrics by TakeoffReleased: 2018 YeahUh, oh yeahUh huh, I rememberMu-Mu-Mu-MurdaI do remember I remember, I remember, I remember (I)I remember, I remember, I remember (I remember that)I can’t […]

Takeoff – Vacation Lyrics

Vacation Lyrics by TakeoffReleased: 2018 M-M-M-MurdaTakeoff I just took your b---- to Europe for a vacation (Europe)I’m on perkies, I’m on syurp, n---- dumb wasted (Yeah)Came from trappin’ out that […]

Takeoff – None to Me Lyrics

None to Me Lyrics by TakeoffReleased: 2018 The fame, the money, the cars, the sexual glory that goes with all of that apparentlyIt was represented in thisYou know the culture […]

Takeoff – She Gon Wink Lyrics

She Gon Wink Lyrics by TakeoffReleased: 2018 [Quavo:]Attention, passengersWe’ve now reached our destinationI hope you enjoy the flight and have a nice dayDJ DurelPan’, yeah Panoramic (Yeah), panoramic screen (Panoramic […]

Takeoff – Casper Lyrics

Casper Lyrics by TakeoffReleased: 2018 What do I want to do today?808 MafiaUmThat boy Cassius Bad b---- (Bad)Small waist, pretty face (Pretty)Havin’ my way (Havin’, havin’)She let me nut on […]

Takeoff – Martian Lyrics

Martian Lyrics by Takeoff Released: 2018 T-minus ninety seconds and counting. Sound supression water system now being armed for release. We have three main engines ready for ignition. Space shuttle […]

Takeoff – Last Memory Lyrics

Last Memory Lyrics by Takeoff Released : 2018 MonstaBeatz Woke up this morning can’t remember nothing Two b------ just flew in from London (Two b------) Last thing I remember they […]