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Tash Sultana is an Australian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, music producer and engineer, described as a “one-woman band”. Sultana rose to international prominence with their 2016 single “Jungle”, which was voted into third place in Triple J’s Hottest 100 countdown of 2016.

Tash Sultana – New York Lyrics

New York Lyrics – Tash Sultana Any way the wind blows it doesn’t really matter cause it all just ends the same But I just keep on giving while you

Tash Sultana – James Dean Lyrics

Lyrics to James Dean by Tash Sultana You burnt out all the cigarettes Watching james dean films on a monochrome screen But I guess it doesn’t look right When everyone

Tash Sultana – Sweet & Dandy Lyrics

Sweet & Dandy Lyrics – Tash Sultana Bet that you didn’t think that I was watching you Bet you know I could love you the way I do And they

Tash Sultana – Willow Tree Lyrics

Willow Tree Lyrics – Tash Sultana I been waiting for my time to appear to me and tell the secrets of the willow tree I heard your future rustles in

Tash Sultana – Beyond The Pine Lyrics

Beyond The Pine By Tash Sultana When I think about it Our love’s rouge My love comes seeping through You know that, I get lost without you When I don’t

Tash Sultana – Greed Lyrics

Greed By Tash Sultana It’s not about the money money put the money in the bank Money breeds greed and greed is really bad Money money oh I never really

Tash Sultana – Pretty Lady Lyrics

Tash Sultana – Pretty Lady Lyrics Pretty lady Where you going so fast? Try to make our moment last Oh, come and take my hand, why don’t you? You Pretty

Tash Sultana – Can’t Buy Happiness Lyrics

Can’t Buy Happiness Lyrics by Tash Sultana [Tash Sultana] And I crouch in the snow Don’t wanna let the moment go Kiss me on the tip of my nose Come

Tash Sultana – Flow State (Album Cover, Lyrics & Tracklist)

Album : Flow State Release Date: August 31, 2018 Genre : Alternative Rock Tracklist 01. Seed (Intro) 02. Big Smoke 03. Cigarettes 04. Murder to the Mind 05. Seven 06.

Tash Sultana – Blackbird Lyrics

Blackbird by Tash Sultana Album: Flow State Released : 2018 Have you seen that blackbird? Coming down the line Can’t you hear that whistle blowing? Part is blowing out of

Tash Sultana – Free Mind Lyrics

Free Mind by Tash Sultana Album: Flow State Released : 2018 I woke up on the wrong side of the bed again Can somebody tell me what day this is?

Tash Sultana – Harvest Love Lyrics

Harvest Love by Tash Sultana Album: Flow State Released : 2018 Harvest your love, harvest your love, for me I’ll lay it down, I’ll lay it down, slowly Put your

Tash Sultana – Mellow Marmalade Lyrics

Mellow Marmalade by Tash Sultana Album: Flow State Released : 2018 I seep sourly into the depths of my mind And find my sorrowfulness so very hard to define Got

Tash Sultana – Pink Moon Lyrics

Pink Moon by Tash Sultana Album: Flow State Released : 2018 Pink Moon, Light the darkest room So I’ll find my way Put the records on, play my favorite song

Tash Sultana – Big Smoke Lyrics

Big Smoke by Tash Sultana Album: Flow State Released : 2018 When I was going down on my life And I heard that the waiting view was fine And there

Tash Sultana – Seed (Intro) Lyrics

Seed (Intro) by Tash Sultana Album: Flow State Released : 2018 You gotta plant your seed To watch it grow I got secrets locked inside of my mind The stories

Tash Sultana – Cigarettes Lyrics

Cigarettes by Tash Sultana Album: Flow State Released : 2018 Got a pack a cigarettes, 25 in a deck Don’t know this shit is not gonna solve your problems Why

Tash Sultana – Salvation Lyrics

Salvation by Tash Sultana I guess I’m just changing with the wind Turning in a different direction again and again and again No, I’m sorry, I don’t have to spell

Tash Sultana – Mystik Lyrics

Mystik by Tash Sultana Released : 2017 Voodoo chute, why don’t you tie the noose From circus through to senseless way? Rhythm healer is your force to feed her Let

Tash Sultana – Murder to the Mind Lyrics

Murder to the Mind by Tash Sultana Released : April 21, 2017 Genre : Alternative Label : Tash Sultana Tell me, do you feel? I am real Do you seem