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Category: Tennis

Tennis – How to Forgive Lyrics

How to Forgive By Tennis You take your love so freely Can’t you go easy on me? Hard to resist, harder to give up like a habit Why do you […]

Tennis – Echoes Lyrics

Echoes By Tennis Finally found a place to lay my head Looks so good from down here on this hospital bed I’ll be the one to be undone I’ll go where the sun isn’t […]

Tennis – Swimmer Lyrics

Swimmer By Tennis Some summer you have planned for me Look at all these tourists as they flock to the sea Gettin’ in the water like it’s nothing But it’s […]

Tennis – Late Night Lyrics

Late Night By Tennis Late night carried by the wind It took such a long time To make up my own mind Everything is changing But I would not attempt […]

Tennis – Matrimony II Lyrics

Matrimony II By Tennis I only have certainty when you hold my hand There’s so much I don’t understand Baby, we’ve been orbiting each other helplessly I guess that I […]