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Category: The Amazons

The Amazons – Warning Sign Lyrics

Warning Sign by The Amazons Face down, buried in the sand Tell me, where’s the master plan? False start, riddles in the dark Who are you to make demands? You […]

The Amazons – Dark Visions Lyrics

Dark Visions by The Amazons There’s nothing wrong but I’ll leave the light on A smoking gun and a pill to swallow I wanna know where the daylight goes I […]

The Amazons – All Over Town Lyrics

All Over Town by The Amazons I must’ve been all over town Dragging all these bones around Hid between the cracks I found There could be nobody There could be […]

The Amazons – 25 Lyrics

25 by The Amazons Not yet 25, they’ll be kicking down the doors Not yet 25, too loud to be ignored Heard it on the vine, the sigh became a […]

The Amazons – Fuzzy Tree Lyrics

Fuzzy Tree by The Amazons Spitting games, growing pains Let’s tear this up to start again ‘Cause now day-to-day stays the same Let’s find a way that we could make […]

The Amazons – End Of Wonder Lyrics

End Of Wonder by The Amazons They’re gonna take you away I think it’s time for a change ‘Cause I can’t see you this way Not tonight, it’s not right […]