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Category: The Faim

The Faim – HUMANS Lyrics

HUMANS by The Faim: Easy comes, easy goes Somewhere out the window Give you hope, you don’t know It’s never really simple I, I’m enjoying the ride and you’re no […]

The Faim – Buying Time Lyrics

Buying Time by The Faim: What a world, what a day Looking back, couldn’t take Never thought I’d come around Put my head under the ground Memories, fantasies Seventeen, baby […]

The Faim – Infamous Lyrics

Infamous by The Faim: Can you hear it now, it’s not the same In the final chase, you will not be afraid Will you follow me, to a darker place […]

The Faim – Words Apart Lyrics

Words Apart by The Faim: Take me back to when your heart beat You tell me that you just don’t know You’re right here but where’d you go Don’t you […]