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Category: The Game

The Game – The Light Lyrics

The Light By The Game I see you in a lonely place How can you be so blind? You’re still regretting the love you left-left behind Oh, darling I seen you go through […]

The Game – Carmen Electra Lyrics

Carmen Electra By The Game Ayo, I mob how I mob Yeah, I’m hood with it Fifth of Patrón in the Bentley, yeah, I’m good with it Everything Suge with it I’m a […]

The Game – West Side Lyrics

West Side By The Game Step off the porch, rag hangin’, West Side, that’s what we bangin’ Crucifix swingin’ off my t-shirt, twistin’ my fingers Impala Off-White, ski mask all […]

The Game – 40 Ounce Love Lyrics

40 Ounce Love By The Game This is us Impalas parked next to Bentley trucks Four bins supposed to be here, I should dig ’em up But since I can’t, we gon’ hold […]

The Game – Gucci Flip Flops Lyrics

Gucci Flip Flops By The Game Hit with the RICO they repo that vehicle S--- was all good just a week ago About to start snitchin’, ain’t you? Ready to […]

The Game – Born 2 Rap Lyrics

Born 2 Rap By The Game I remember I was rappin’ for a year and half Couple tears in a glass Some gunshots then I appeared on the map, bust it In the […]

The Game – Welcome Home Lyrics

Welcome Home By The Game Bongo By The Way I wake up every mornin’ on the same s--- I smoke my wood to the roach, like I ain’t rich N----- […]

The Game – Stay Down Lyrics

Stay Down By The Game You say ain’t trill, you right Huh Still, yeah So go and tell me why Why you upset (Yeah), why you frownin’? (Why) Why you frownin’, why you […]

The Game – Hug the Block Lyrics

Hug the Block By The Game My daddy died, I paid for his whole funeral I get it, I was supposed to But after that, if you knew what I had to go through […]

The Game – Ask for Me Lyrics

Ask for Me By The Game Aight, come on Soon as Dre say what Dre, we on a yacht Mediterranean Sea bangin’ Dre Day, n---- Goldchain like it’s my payday, n---- Two days […]

The Game – Blood Thicker Than Water Lyrics

Blood Thicker Than Water By The Game Ooh, no, no, no Yeah, bloodstains dripping from my eyes Pain got me lookin’ to the sky Ayy, Streetrunner, you know the history Blood’s thicker than […]