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Category: The Lumineers

The Lumineers – Democracy Lyrics

Democracy by The Lumineers It’s coming through a hole in the air From those nights in Tiananmen Square It’s coming from the feel that this ain’t exactly real Or it’s […]

The Lumineers – Jimmy Sparks Lyrics

Jimmy Sparks by The Lumineers Jimmy Sparks went into bars and opened up his mouth Said some things to wounded men that they could not allow When it came to […]

The Lumineers – My Cell Lyrics

My Cell by The Lumineers Falling in love is wonderful Falling in love is so alone My cell My pretty little cell Painted windows there for me Painted windows so […]

The Lumineers – Donna Lyrics

Donna Lyrics by The Lumineers It’s not the words you say but how you say it I saved a picture where your hair was braided They found your wallet in […]

The Lumineers – Nightshade Lyrics

Nightshade Lyrics by The Lumineers [The Lumineers] Some of us like to think of life as a game Others are born into royalty and can never behave Some find a […]

The Lumineers – Gloria Lyrics

Gloria Lyrics by The Lumineers Gloria I smell it on your breath Gloria Booze and peppermint Gloria No one said enough is enough Gloria They found you on the floor […]

The Lumineers – Pretty Paper Lyrics

Pretty Paper Lyrics The Lumineers Pretty paper Pretty rivers of grief Wrap your presents To your darling from you Pretty pencils write I love you Pretty papers Pretty rivers Oh […]

The Lumineers – Walls Lyrics

Walls by The Lumineers Released : 2018 Some days are diamonds Some days are rocks Some doors are open Some roads are blocked Sundowns are golden Then fade away But […]

Visions of China

The Lumineers – Visions of China Lyrics

Visions of China by The Lumineers Twisty sidewalks, female taxi drivers Dirty fingers, pink houses light up And if there’s just one thing You wanted to see I suggest you […]

For fra

The Lumineers – For Fra Lyrics

For Fra by The Lumineers [Instrumental] The Lumineers – C-Sides (EP) (Album 2018) 01. Scotland 02. For Fra 03. Visions of China “For Fra” serves as the second track from […]