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Category: The National

The National – Rylan Lyrics

Rylan by The National Rylan, you should try to get some sun. You remind me of everyone. Rylan, did you break your mother’s heart Every time you tried to play […]

The National – Not in Kansas Lyrics

Not in Kansas by The National I am not in Kansas I can’t slow down and I can’t stand it Broadcast News into Hallelujah Hanne Darboven had a great idea […]

The National – Hey Rosey Lyrics

Hey Rosey by The National I’m your angel when it rains here Heaven picks the place I’m a child in that way, dear Please do it again Hey Rosey, I […]

The National – Oblivions Lyrics

Oblivions by The National It’s almost like you’re not afraid of anything I do How I want you here You don’t know what it’s like to be around you I […]

The National – Roman Holiday Lyrics

Roman Holiday by The National I’m your hospital, I’m your silver cross Tell me what to be, tell me how to talk Patti wasn’t lonely, Robert wasn’t lost Put me […]

The National – Hairpin Turns Lyrics

Hairpin Turns Lyrics by The National [Matt Berninger] I like the old way I thought I was hanging in there You held back the worst rain from my shoulders then […]

The National – Turn On Me Lyrics

Turn On Me Lyrics by The National [The National] Do you see rhythms in the ocean water when it reflects the moon? If it hasn’t already happened to you, it’s […]

The National – Quiet Light Lyrics

Quiet Light Lyrics by The National I used to fall asleep to you talking to me I don’t listen to anything now Nothing to do with us I’m just so […]