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Category: The Used

The Used – My Cocoon Lyrics

My Cocoon By The Used It was easier to disappear Like a cloud behind the moon And I know I’m going to want to feel that to the end If […]

The Used – Gravity’s Rainbow Lyrics

Gravity’s Rainbow By The Used Gravity’s rainbow above me A screaming tears across the sky Tonight this evacuation is just Theater, just pretend, just a lie Who is that On […]

The Used – Clean Cut Heals Lyrics

Clean Cut Heals By The Used Keep your jacket on. I packed your suitcase Those are words I never want to hear you say But I’d rather have you put […]

The Used – Heartwork Lyrics

Heartwork By The Used Fists clenched in prepared kindness. Jaw grinds in syncopation With primordial electric twitch-pulses of kindness. Moment-made involuntary movement, Swift slashing swings of severe blunt-force kindness. Knucklebones’ […]