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Category: The Weeknd

Canadian Singer, Songwriter and Record Producer
lyrics to The Weeknd

  • Latest Songs 

Ebony (2018)
All Day Love (2018)
Pray For Me (2018)
The Hills
The Hills ft Eminem
Low Life feat. Future
Real Life

  • My Dear Melancholy,(Album 2018)

1.  Call Out My Name
2.  Try Me
3.  Wasted Times
4.  I Was Never There
5.  Hurt You
6.  Privilege

  • Starboy (Album 2017)

01 – Starboy
02 – Party Monster
03 – False Alarm
04 – Reminder
05 – Rockin’
06 – Secrets
07 – True Colors
08 – Stargirl Interlude
09 – Sidewalks
10 – Six Feet Under
11 – Love to Lay
12 – A Lonely Night
13 – Attention
14 – Ordinary Life
15 – Nothing Without You
16 – All I Know
17 – Die For You
18 – I Feel It Coming

The Weeknd – Youngest Killer Lyrics

Youngest Killer Lyrics by The Weeknd Released : 2018 Eh, I’m just trying to deal with what you feel, with what you (?) Faded off and knows keeps em keeling […]

The Weeknd – Patient Lyrics

Patient by The Weeknd Tell me we celebrating now to fly Call me are you in (?) fake the time I’m not tryna make you talk the lie I’m the […]

Ebony the Weeknd

The Weeknd – Ebony Lyrics

Ebony by The Weeknd I’m hella posted in the TRUMP now I think I’ve finally fell in love now Her name is Tammy, she got hella b------ She let me […]

The Weeknd – Privilege Lyrics

Privilege by The Weeknd Released : 2018 Enjoy your privileged life ‘Cause I’m not gonna hold you through the night We said our last goodbyes So let’s just try to […]

The Weeknd – Hurt You Lyrics

Hurt You by The Weeknd Feat. Gesaffelstein Released : 2018 And now I know relationship’s my enemy So stay away from me I’m warning you You try to fill the […]

The Weeknd – Wasted Times Lyrics

Wasted Time by The Weeknd Released : 2018 Wasted times I spent with someone else She wasn’t even half of you Reminiscin’ how you felt Reminiscin’ how you felt And […]

The Weeknd – Try Me Lyrics

Try Me by The Weeknd Released : 2018 Any time is the time Any time for you to give a call, baby (so, baby) I’m all alone, baby Baby ain’t […]

The Weeknd – Reminder (Remix) Lyrics

Reminder (Remix) by The Weeknd Feat. Young Thug & A$AP Rocky Released : 2017 [The Weeknd & Young Thug] You know, me Oh-h-h-h-h You know, me Oh, na-na-na-na-na-na You know, me […]

The Weeknd – Die For You Lyrics

Die For You Lyrics by The Weeknd I’m findin’ ways to articulate The feeling I’m goin’ through I just can’t say I don’t love you ‘Cause I love you, yeah […]

The Weeknd – All I Know Lyrics

All I Know Lyrics by The Weeknd feat. Future The reasons I can’t have you, are so easy to fix I didn’t really plan to, but I’ma do it for […]