TheFatRat – Out Of The Rain Lyrics

Out Of The Rain Lyrics – TheFatRat, Shiah Maisel One of eight billion Down in the mud Straying children Lonely and lost But we still run Fight cause we must

TheFatRat – Monkeys Lyrics

Lyrics to Monkeys by TheFatRat You know you’re just another monkey You know you’re just another monkey You know you’re just another monkey You know you’re just another monkey You’re

TheFatRat & NEFFEX – Back One Day Lyrics

Back One Day Lyrics – TheFatRat & NEFFEX All the roads we travelled The journey of our lives Take another picture Before we say goodbye Arm in arm we’re standing

TheFatRat – Pride & Fear Lyrics

Pride & Fear Lyrics – TheFatRat Once a realm on the shoulders of giants Forged with ember and gold An empire stood through the clouds, it was endless Stories of

TheFatRat – Our Song Lyrics

Our Song Lyrics – TheFatRat Been waiting for so long The winds have grown strong The birds have come and gone, mmh I’m looking every day But you might still

TheFatRat – Violet Sky Lyrics

Violet Sky Lyrics – TheFatRat This is getting heavy but I carry on (carry on, carry on) Visions of a holy place that I call home (I call home, I

TheFatRat – Warbringer Lyrics

Warbringer Lyrics – TheFatRat (Hm-hm-hm) Out of fear We kept running Tried to hide away (Hm-hm-hm) Can you hear War is coming Beckoning our fate This is the day that

TheFatRat – Fire Lyrics

Fire Lyrics – TheFatRat (What) (What, what) (Yeah) (Yeah, yeah) Fire (What that?) (What) (What, what) (Yeah) (Yeah) Fire (Woo)

TheFatRat – Let Love Win Lyrics

Let Love Win Lyrics – TheFatRat Don’t give in to the sad machine To the T.V. screens Let love win When it’s hard to find When it’s cold outside I’m

TheFatRat – Electrified Lyrics

Electrified By TheFatRat No warning In a flash of light Don’t need no warning This feeling’s right Vibrations Chill through my bones Sensations Flow through your glow So incredible The

TheFatRat – Rise Up Lyrics

Rise Up By TheFatRat When you feel it’s hopeless When you think that you’re lost, oh I will take your hand and We’ll rise up from the dust, oh Here