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Category: THEY.

THEY. – Til’ I Die Lyrics

Til I Die By THEY. & Dillon Francis Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (Ayy) Uh,  uh, hey (1, 2, 3, 4) Mmm,  mmm, uh, uh, uh (Ay, yeah, yeah, yeah) (Yeah, […]

THEY. – Broken Lyrics

Broken Lyrics by THEY. Feat. Jessie Reyez Released : 2018 [Jessie Reyez] We fall in love, you does the most But I question it all ’cause I’m still broken He […]

THEY. – What I Know Now Lyrics

What I Know Now by THEY. Feat. Wiz Khalifa Released : 2018 You don’t know what I been through So who are you to judge me? “judge me” Still don’t […]

THEY. – Pops Lyrics

Pops by THEY. I get my drinking from my daddy Used to kick the wisdom while he sipped up on his Brandy He pushed a plymouth but that n---- used […]

THEY. – Thrive Lyrics

No regrets over here, bruh If I die, you gon’ tell ’em where I am though Never lie, know these n----- ain’t my friends, bruh I’m just coming for what’s […]

THEY. – U-RITE Lyrics

U-RITE by THEY. Released : 2017 Spotify : New Music Friday (1-13-2017) I ain’t with the back and forth, I ain’t back and forth, like F--- what you asking for, […]

THEY. – What You Want Lyrics

What You Want Lyrics by THEY We was from the North side, went to Georgetown Good genes got you thick on, like, both sides Head down, big stuff like oh […]