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Category: Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett – Be a Light Lyrics

Be a Light By Thomas Rhett In a time full of war, be peace In a time full of doubt, just believe Yeah, there ain’t that much difference between you […]

Thomas Rhett – Almost Lyrics

Almost Lyrics by Thomas Rhett When I got trucked on that old field I almost quit that team I almost gave up guitar ‘Cause it hurt to play those strings […]

Thomas Rhett – Barefoot Lyrics

Barefoot by Thomas Rhett At a wedding or a party At some downtown bar It don’t matter where we are, she’s gon’ shine When her song comes on, you know […]

Thomas Rhett – Sand Lyrics

Sand by Thomas Rhett Baby I’ve been thinkin’, we got two weeks worth of vacation And I’m cravin’, some vitamin D, a kite on a string Let’s get off the […]

Thomas Rhett – Notice Lyrics

Notice by Thomas Rhett You say it everyday now, I know I get spaced out in our conversation Yeah it’s been a hard year, you say that I don’t hear […]

Thomas Rhett – VHS Lyrics

Thomas Rhett – VHS Lyrics

VHS by Thomas Rhett We got that top down on a old jeep Rolling through the country Yeah, just two heart and a back beat Spending all our money On […]

Thomas Rhett – Blessed Lyrics

Blessed by Thomas Rhett Lights are down, but you’re shining Like you always do Every day I’m reminded of the miracle of you You’re too good for coincidence and too […]