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Category: Thutmose

Thutmose - Ambience Lyrics

Thutmose – Ambience Lyrics

Ambience By Thutmose Lyrics Loneliness I know I can change that but I don’t want nobody else So I stay home in the day time Know it ain’t right But […]

Thutmose – Wipe Me Down Lyrics

Thutmose – Wipe Me Down Lyrics

Wipe Me Down Lyrics by Thutmose “Wipe Me Down” release date : May 3, 2019 (feat. Tory Lanez) [Tory Lanez & Thutmose] Uh-uh, ha-haha, wipe me down, yeah [Thutmose] Come […]

Thutmose – Memories Lyrics

Memories Lyrics Thutmose My memories came back in the form of someone else I know they’re silly yes, I know this very well Why won’t you love me now, why […]

Thutmose – OkOk Lyrics

OkOk by Thutmose Feat. Desiigner Released : 2018 Okok Hands up in the air don’t move ok Slide the money slow you’ll be ok Ok okok okok Hands up in […]

Thutmose – Run Wild Lyrics

Run Wild by Thutmose Feat. NoMBe Released : 2018 Run wild I’m on a mission and I won’t stop No destination but it’s worth a shot You gotta let me […]