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Category: Tiffany Young

Lips On Lips (EP 2019)

01. Born Again
02. Lips on Lips
03. The Flower
04. Not Barbie
05. Runaway


Tiffany Young – Runaway Lyrics

Runaway Lyrics By Tiffany Young [Babyface] I’m in love with you, ain’t gon’ tell no lie They don’t want me to say I’m not your type What I’m born to […]

Tiffany Young – Not Barbie Lyrics

Not Barbie Lyrics By Tiffany Young [Tiffany Young] All these rules don’t fit And sometimes I wish I wasn’t in my skin so I could blend in I felt disheveling […]

Tiffany Young – Lips on Lips Lyrics

Lips on Lips Lyrics By Tiffany Young [Tiffany Young] Take you in, like the air, you’re a nice surprise (Ooh) Like a rose, full in bloom, I romanticize Only when I’m […]

Tiffany Young – Born Again Lyrics

Born Again Lyrics By Tiffany Young [Tiffany Young] Coming in this world fully naked Feeling brand new so I’m your baby Never felt this safe, in a foreign place I […]