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Category: Tinashe

Tinashe – So Much Better Lyrics

So Much Better By Tinashe Don’t forget what I told ya Don’t go love like I love ya Hit you, 4 am Bad b----, I don’t give a f--- about your ex thing […]

Tinashe – Know Better Lyrics

Know Better By Tinashe Bongo by the way Sitting here with my thoughts in a bottle Every time I take a sip, I’m reminded of you Like how you been Wait a minute, what […]

Tinashe – Link Up Lyrics

Link Up By Tinashe Bad b------ link up, link up I just pulled up in a Brink’s truck Bad b------ link up, link up I just pulled up in a […]

Tinashe – Cash Race Lyrics

Cash Race By Tinashe Right Now Sound Hitmaka! Uh, It’s a cash race You in last place Hit my first name with your last name Breaking bag ay, freaking bag ay Peep a tag […]

Tinashe – Perfect Crime Lyrics

Perfect Crime By Tinashe Quick, what’s better than me But I don’t give a s--- what you sayin’ to me Yeah, stay checkin’ for me When you want smoke you can get it for […]

Tinashe – Story of Us Lyrics

Story of Us By Tinashe You’re the prince of Built a castle Yeah, you’re the prince of my heart And now there ain’t no way they can keep us apart […]

Tinashe – Stormy Weather Lyrics

Stormy Weather By Tinashe Speeding, faster Cross the border Every moment Getting older Hotter, colder Change the temperature Waitin for some stormy weather Oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh Switch up, […]

Tinashe – Hopscotch Lyrics

Hopscotch By Tinashe Alright we got another beautiful day here in sunny Los Angeles California, let’s take a look at our seven day forecast We’re seeing lots of sunshine all […]

Tinashe & 6LACK – Touch & Go Lyrics

Slow Motion By Tinashe & 6LACK Wish you would say somethin’ that make me change my mind Got me feelin’ like somebody else I been so patient with you but […]

Tinashe – Feelings Lyrics

Feelings By Tinashe Lyrics Lately I ain’t been in my feelings Nashe, I’ve been minding my business (business, business, business) Got it on smash Hitmaka! Lately I ain’t been in […]

TINASHE - No Guidance (Remix) Lyrics

TINASHE – No Guidance (Remix) Lyrics

No Guidance (Remix) Lyrics by TINASHE Before I die I’m tryna f--- you, baby Hopefully we don’t have no babies I don’t even wanna go back home Hopefully, I don’t […]

Tinashe – Give No Fucks Lyrics

Give No F---- Lyrics by Tinashe Heyyy [Tinashe] F--- me upwards, I fell They been talkin’ so low In the crowd when I come around In the crowd when I […]