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Category: Tinashe

Tinashe - X Lyrics

Tinashe – X Lyrics

X Lyrics – Tinashe X marks the spot, look and you’ll find it (Find) Turned up, you wanna get behind it (Behind) I wanna feel your body, it’s on fire […]

Tinashe - SHY GUY Lyrics

Tinashe – SHY GUY Lyrics

SHY GUY Lyrics – Tinashe Wait Mm, oh Mm 3:33 and I’m up watchin’ TV So it isn’t as quiet in my house on my own Fifteen hours ’til I’m […]

Tinashe - Unconditional Lyrics

Tinashe – Unconditional Lyrics

Unconditional Lyrics – Tinashe Feed my silence (Feed my silence) Makes my heart so cold (Makes my heart so cold) You don’t call me (You don’t call me) Take my […]

Tinashe - Angels Lyrics

Tinashe – Angels Lyrics

Angels Lyrics – Tinashe Those folks, believe one thing of themselves Thinking that they’re aristocratic But yet at the same time they’re just hiding and are masked Behind their own […]

Tinashe - 333 Lyrics

Tinashe – 333 Lyrics

333 Lyrics – Tinashe Sun touches morning Shine on my body You give me love that I ain’t never had before Almost feels holy The way that you hold me […]

Tinashe - Let Me Down Slowly Lyrics

Tinashe – Let Me Down Slowly Lyrics

Let Me Down Slowly Lyrics – Tinashe Ooh, mmm I said, calling me, calling me baby And you’ve been blowing my phone up all night Didn’t even notice, wish that […]

Tinashe - Last Call Lyrics

Tinashe – Last Call Lyrics

Last Call Lyrics – Tinashe No, woah, woah-oh, ooh-ooh Where did we go wrong? Never saw it comin’ I don’t even know, how about we go on and move on? […]

Tinashe - The Chase Lyrics

Tinashe – The Chase Lyrics

The Chase Lyrics – Tinashe Didn’t take long to decide That I can replace your body, oh I made up my mind, oh I ain’t gonna chase nobody, oh No, […]

Tinashe - Small Reminders Lyrics

Tinashe – Small Reminders Lyrics

Small Reminders Lyrics – Tinashe Time is racing (Yeah, yeah) Life seems so long (So long, hey, uh) Don’t go wasting (Don’t go, don’t, hey) Before it’s all gone Never […]

Tinashe - Bouncin', Pt. 2 Lyrics

Tinashe – Bouncin’, Pt. 2 Lyrics

Bouncin’, Pt. 2 Lyrics – Tinashe Watch you bouncin’ on the ground Got my edges sweatin’ out (Mm) Turn it up extra loud (Oh) And tonight we steppin’ out Been […]

Tinashe - It's A Wrap Lyrics

Tinashe – It’s A Wrap Lyrics

It’s A Wrap Lyrics – Tinashe You know it’s a wrap, yeah, you know it’s a wrap Canceled, no there ain’t no come back, yeah You know it’s a wrap, […]