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Category: Tom MacDonald

Tom MacDonald – My Fans Lyrics

My Fans By Tom MacDonald Ay, blood don’t make you family I got brothers whom different mommas and daddies I got people who would kill for me I’d kill for […]

Tom MacDonald - No response Lyrics

Tom MacDonald – No response Lyrics

No response By Tom MacDonald I’m the rapper that these other rappers jealous of I made more off CDs than rappers who are selling drugs True story, every single aspect […]

Tom MacDonald – I Cant Sleep Lyrics

I Cant Sleep By Tom MacDonald I’ve been running out of different ways to past time The devils work is done by idol hands and I’ve been bored since last […]

Tom MacDonald – Coronavirus Lyrics

Coronavirus By Tom MacDonald I don’t know what to think about this virus It started in China, now everybody in America is hidin’ There’s no groceries, ’cause people start to […]