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Category: Tom MacDonald

Tom MacDonald – Famous Lyrics

Famous By Tom MacDonald I’m the king of the town I s--- on this like I own this place But I just walk along quietly And when I’m out I […]

Tom Macdonald – Cloned Rappers Lyrics

Cloned Rappers by Tom Macdonald: Cloned Rappers Lyrics: The illuminati knows the answers Takin’ bone samples to clone rappers Put the artists in prison to silence their vision Genetic copies […]

Tom MacDonald – Ashes Lyrics

Ashes by Tom MacDonald It’s rock-n-roll to me, there’s no controlling me I sold my soul and stole the gold from royalty I’m locked and loaded until the motor overheat I’ll rock the boat […]

Tom MacDonald – Im Sorry Lyrics

Im Sorry by Tom MacDonald Honestly, y’all have been killin’ my confidence All of the negative comments and gossip It’s hard to imagine the stress that I’m under I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry […]

Tom MacDonald – Buttholes Lyrics

Buttholes By Tom MacDonald Look, Donald Trump isn’t as bad as they say he is He really only tryna make America great again The Bible’s just a book for people […]