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Category: Tom Walker

Tom Walker – Be Myself Lyrics

Be Myself By Tom Walker No, you can’t flip a flipbook ‘Cause this isn’t like the trigger I won’t change just ’cause you can’t figure me out Never doubt what I have to play […]

Tom Walker – Heartbeats Lyrics

Heartbeats By Tom Walker Lyrics Hello my friend, it’s been a while It’s been a minute since I passed you by Same cities but we’re miles apart Four kids, a house and two cars […]

Tom Walker – Better Half Of Me Lyrics

Better Half Of Me by Tom Walker Lyrics: You’ll always be my number one Hold up more than good enough Giving everything I’ve got, taking every second lost Six years […]

Tom Walker – All That Matters Lyrics

All That Matters by Tom Walker She said, “I was someone’s darling I never gave up I’ve seen trouble come through my door Rain poured down like there’s no tomorr– […]

Tom Walker – Walk Alone Lyrics

Walk Alone Lyrics By Tom Walker Showed up at the right time In a broke down limousine All you had was red lights I went and turned them all to […]

Tom Walker – The Show Lyrics

The Show Lyrics By Tom Walker Let me set the scene, Saturday night Alarm for the close ruining my hype I tell my mates, “Lads, excuse note for me” Come […]