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Category: Tom Walker

Tom Walker – Walk Alone Lyrics

Walk Alone Lyrics By Tom Walker Showed up at the right time In a broke down limousine All you had was red lights I went and turned them all to […]

Tom Walker – The Show Lyrics

The Show Lyrics By Tom Walker Let me set the scene, Saturday night Alarm for the close ruining my hype I tell my mates, “Lads, excuse note for me” Come […]

Tom Walker – Just You and I Lyrics

Just You and I Lyrics By Tom Walker Let’s get drunk I’ll pour my heart out through my mouth This year’s been hard for us no doubt Let’s raise a […]

Tom Walker – Fade Away Lyrics

Fade Away Lyrics By Tom Walker Take a little of my cold heart Swap the pieces for a spare part Fade away, away, away, away You’ve been running ’round the […]

Tom Walker – Dominoes Lyrics

Dominoes Lyrics By Tom Walker There’s so much hate in this world Between the lines of the pages we turn Take to our keys to express how we feel The […]

Tom Walker – Cry Out Lyrics

Cry Out Lyrics By Tom Walker Rain hits hard on the door tonight Whispers in the wind, there’s a wolf outside Tryna stay togethe,r but I’m terrified Asking, are you […]

Tom Walker – Blessings Lyrics

Blessings Lyrics By Tom Walker Well, are we going out tonight? We could go to yours, you could come to mine I got no money for the pub, no Could […]

Tom Walker – My Way Lyrics

My Way Lyrics By Tom Walker I’m just livin’ for the moment I’m flyin’ high on paper planes, but they don’t hold up Make mistakes, but I’ll be damned if […]

Tom Walker – Now You’re Gone Lyrics

Now You’re Gone Lyrics By Tom Walker Of all the battles that I’ve won They don’t matter now you’re gone Nothing matters now you’re gone Of all the battles that […]

Tom Walker – Leave a Light On Lyrics

Leave a Light On Lyrics By Tom Walker The second someone mentioned you were all alone I could feel the trouble coursin’ through your veins Now I know it’s got […]

Tom Walker – Angels Lyrics

Angels Lyrics By Tom Walker Don’t give up I won’t give up, no Save praise for a better man (I) No need for your touching hands There’s nothing to understand […]