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Category: Tone Stith

Tone Stith - FWM Lyrics

Tone Stith – FWM Lyrics

FWM Lyrics – Tone Stith Hunnid stacks, all in cash, got the bag on me Big dawg, I’m a boss, type of energy Got the club goin’ up, they all […]

Tone Stith - Devotion Lyrics

Tone Stith – Devotion Lyrics

Devotion Lyrics – Tone Stith Hmm (If Swagg did it, it’s depressing) You say that you’re tryna find Someone who will love you more than just on the side I […]

Tone Stith – Inside Lyrics

Inside Lyrics : Tone Stith You gon’ plan on top of me I’ma let you ride it That buttom lip i wanna bite it The way you’re looking so invited […]

Tone Stith – Light Flex Lyrics

Light Flex by Tone Stith Feat. 2 Chainz Released : 2018 [2 Chainz:] Okay, yeah Alright now, yeah 2 Chainz [Tone Stith (2 Chainz):] Looking like ooh la la (ooh […]