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Category: Toosii

Toosii - Sinners Prayer Lyrics

Toosii – Sinners Prayer Lyrics

Sinners Prayer By Toosii (YoungTN productions) (These hoes got to hear this shit, Saucii) Yeah, I ain’t never tell nobody (Ayo, Pluto, you going brazy) Yeah I killed what’s a […]

Toosii - Walking Again Lyrics

Toosii – Walking Again Lyrics

Walking Again By Toosii They like you walking again They like you walking again They like you walking again, oh They like you walking again They like you walking again […]

Toosii - Floating Lyrics

Toosii – Floating Lyrics

Floating By Toosii She like Birkin bag me I’m classy Bitch get nasty and you got it I might Forgiato my whip 5% my tint I ain’t even go to […]

Toosii - Euphoria Lyrics

Toosii – Euphoria Lyrics

Euphoria By Toosii Euphoria I got her feeling weak in the knees She yelling baby please don’t stop I need more of ya Wanna give you everything that you need […]

Toosii - Sapiosexual Lyrics

Toosii – Sapiosexual Lyrics

Sapiosexual By Toosii She like somebody who nasty Well I’ma be there when the time come I’ma sapiosexual we can flexible baby girl I’ll make yo mind cum Inside, you […]

Toosii - Friend Zone Lyrics

Toosii – Friend Zone Lyrics

Friend Zone By Toosii (YoungTN productions) (Let that shit ride, Eighty8) (Ayo, Pluto, you going brazy) Yeah, uh We in the endzone she put me in the friendzone Told her […]