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Category: Tori Kelly

Tori Kelly – Pretty Fades Lyrics

Pretty Fades By Tori Kelly Hey little lover, do you see me Oh I really care what you think All dressed up and it’s all for show Gotta play the […]

Tori Kelly – Actress Lyrics

Actress By Tori Kelly She don’t smile too much But when she does it’s just enough to make you smile back And she don’t cry too much But when she […]

Tori Kelly – The Lie Lyrics

The Lie By Tori Kelly I need some closure Feel like the chip fell off my shoulder Overexposure Opened my wounds and made me close up I got everything that […]

Tori Kelly – 3/26/1994 Lyrics

3/26/1994 By Tori Kelly Who wants to pray for us? Heavenly Father Alright, then Dear, Father, uh, today we come to be in this solemn moment. It is this precious […]