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Category: Tove Lo

Tove Lo - On Ice Lyrics

Tove Lo – On Ice Lyrics

On Ice By Tove Lo Hold on we Ooh, nah Hmm, hmm, yeah We on the floor and undressed Start to feel the pain Four hours, tryin’ our best To […]

Tove Lo – sadder badder cooler Lyrics

Tove Lo – sadder badder cooler Lyrics

sadder badder cooler By Tove Lo I’m sadder, I’m badder, I’m cooler, yeah I’m sadder, I’m badder, I’m cooler, yeah Than I was when I met you Than I was […]

Tove Lo – I’m Coming Lyrics

I’m Coming By Tove Lo Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh The night’s still young, I lay wide awake now (Oh-oh, oh-oh) I’m Lucy in the Sky, I’m Queen of the Clouds […]

Tove Lo – Bikini Porn Lyrics

Bikini Porn by Tove Lo (Uh uh) I’m all bikini porn (Uh uh) Layin’ out in the sun I got those marks on my body You, ooh, you’re looking pale […]

Tove Lo – Anywhere U Go Lyrics

Anywhere U Go by Tove Lo: They say be one with the city so I’m standing in the sun all day Got their manners mapped out and they just smile […]

Tove Lo – Mistaken Lyrics

Mistaken by Tove Lo: Man, every little thing means more when you say it Damn, read into every line and make you explain it now Man, I’m freaking out but […]

Tove Lo – Shifted Lyrics

Shifted by Tove Lo: I listened to what my mama said, yeah Always been down for a challenge since, yeah She said it’s all bout the balance When you’re talking […]

Tove Lo – Equally Lost Lyrics

Equally Lost by Tove Lo: You see I’m looking lonely waiting for somebody Waiting for somebody carefree Hey, wanna get high with me? I see you looking at me, so […]

Tove Lo – Mateo Lyrics

Mateo by Tove Lo: Never stood out in a crowd the way you do Wish I could have some more time alone with you But the line is getting longer […]

Tove Lo – Are U gonna tell her? Lyrics

Are U gonna tell her? by Tove Lo: Tension is building with drinks I wanna know what you’re thinking Hoping you’re getting the hints Getting more obvious with them Who […]

Tove Lo – Stay Over Lyrics

Stay Over by Tove Lo: You gave me my birthday kiss I gave you a pill, said you’ll get high of this You hit a few parties that night I […]