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Category: Tove Lo

Tove Lo – I’m Coming Lyrics

I’m Coming By Tove Lo Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh The night’s still young, I lay wide awake now (Oh-oh, oh-oh) I’m Lucy in the Sky, I’m Queen of the Clouds […]

Tove Lo – Bikini Porn Lyrics

Bikini P--- by Tove Lo (Uh uh) I’m all bikini p--- (Uh uh) Layin’ out in the sun I got those marks on my body You, ooh, you’re looking pale […]

Tove Lo – Anywhere U Go Lyrics

Anywhere U Go by Tove Lo: They say be one with the city so I’m standing in the sun all day Got their manners mapped out and they just smile […]

Tove Lo – Mistaken Lyrics

Mistaken by Tove Lo: Man, every little thing means more when you say it Damn, read into every line and make you explain it now Man, I’m freaking out but […]

Tove Lo – Shifted Lyrics

Shifted by Tove Lo: I listened to what my mama said, yeah Always been down for a challenge since, yeah She said it’s all bout the balance When you’re talking […]