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Category: Tyga

Tyga - Foreigner Lyrics

Tyga & Dj Drama – Foreigner Lyrics

Foreigner Lyrics – Tyga Business let’s at least do it with a view Somewhere foreign with some foreigns Let’s paint the picture Foreigner, every whip I push make the doors […]

Tyga - BOPP Lyrics

Tyga & Dj Drama – BOPP Lyrics

BOPP Lyrics – Tyga So I called Tyga, right? Told him I’m getting an itch man I feel like I wanna show him how to do this shit correctly again […]

Tyga - Said Sumn Lyrics

Tyga & Dj Drama – Said Sumn Lyrics

Said Sumn Lyrics – Tyga Just call me Dram Travolta I got the Saturday Night Fever Huh? What? I thought a broke nigga said something I got loaf little bitch. […]

Tyga - Whoopty Lyrics

Tyga & Dj Drama – Whoopty Lyrics

Whoopty Lyrics – Tyga (Well Done) Well Done Fever Shout out to CJ You know niggas couldn’t wait to get busy on this one Whoopty, peel off the top on […]

Tyga - We Paid Lyrics

Tyga & Dj Drama – We Paid Lyrics

We Paid Lyrics – Tyga (Well Done) Oh yeah, we can do this Ay Dram, let’s do some quick-some quick street shit Why stop now? These niggas stay on my […]