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Category: Tyga

Tyga – MAMACITA Lyrics

MAMACITA By Tyga Mamacita, where you at? I’ve been tryna reach ya (Yeah) So pull up, baby, can I see ya? (Yeah) I’m down to meet ya (Ay) Holdin’ me, she want control of […]

Tyga – Bop Lyrics

Bop by Tyga (Feat. Blueface & YG) B----, you’s a bop I heard you be f-----’ with the opps Heard you give it up on spot I heard on the […]

Tyga – Maykherkhum Lyrics

Maykherkhum by Tyga Yeah, I make her Yeah, I make her c--, make her c--, make her c-- Yeah, I make her c-- You make her run Goddamit, Dupri Yeah, […]

Tyga – Goddamn (Remix) Lyrics

G------ (Remix) by Tyga You a bad b----, come and get your rent paid (Ayy, ayy) Ain’t got time for no drama, but today the day (Nah) And my watch […]

Tyga – Shit I Like Lyrics

S--- I Like by Tyga Do the s--- I like, do the s--- I like Baby, do the s--- I like (Like), do the s--- I like (Like) Do the […]

Tyga – Legendary (Album Lyrics)

Artist: Tyga Genre: Hip Hop/ Rap Release Date: June 7, 2019 Tracklist 1. Too Many 2. Lightskin Lil Wayne 3. On Me (feat. Lil Wayne) 4. Stash (feat. Blueface) 5. […]

Tyga – Made Me Lyrics

Made Me by Tyga It’s crazy how they love you Then they hate you Then they love you again I’m the one that made me, yeah, yeah, yeah Your love […]

Tyga – February Love Lyrics

February Love by Tyga Oh-woo-ooh Shoot it and c--- back Shoot it and c--- back (D.A got that—) Oh-woo-ooh Shoot it and c--- back Shoot it and— Woo-ooh My baby, […]

Tyga – Legendary Lyrics

Legendary by Tyga She say, “Touch me, tease me, kiss me, and lick me I know you in a rush, baby, can I get quickie?” The way you s--- it […]

Tyga – Vibrate Lyrics

Vibrate by Tyga It’s a whole lotta girls ’round the world when I only want to see ya In the VIP, cash on us, poppin’ ‘luxe bottles, open up, I […]

Tyga – Werkkkk Lyrics

Werkkkk by Tyga I been up ’til morning through the late night I can’t get no sleep, the money all mine I like that dress on you when it’s skintight […]

Tyga – Stash Lyrics

Stash by Tyga Pop champagne, put the p---- on my lap, yeah I’m the type of n---- that live what I rap Make a famous b---- drive where I’m at […]

Tyga – On Me Lyrics

On Me by Tyga Ayy, shut the f--- up, b----, you know who I are (B----) Point blank range, and I’m shootin’ for the stars (Blah) You n----- subpar and […]

Tyga – Too Many Lyrics

Too Many by Tyga My n---- back, where you b------ Middle finger, m------------ Stunt on em’ hoes Mustard On The Beat Ho I like a ghetto b----, with a a-- […]

Tyga – Haute Lyrics

Haute Lyrics by Tyga (ft. J Balvin, Chris Brown) Make it haute Make it haute (Yeah) I’ve been up four days, havin’ three ways (Yeah) Like my b------ in twos, […]