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Unlike Pluto - Origami Lyrics

Unlike Pluto – Origami Lyrics

Origami Lyrics – Unlike Pluto A change from the inside Pulled apart again, I don’t know why I follow the lines Show you where to bend, they’re guarding me For […]

Unlike Pluto - Endless Lyrics

Unlike Pluto – Endless Lyrics

Endless Lyrics – Unlike Pluto I was aiming for the moon RIP the path I choose journeys always seems to be (endless) I was reaching for the truth I thought […]

Unlike Pluto - Conspiracy Lyrics

Unlike Pluto – Conspiracy Lyrics

Conspiracy Lyrics – Unlike Pluto All seeing eye overhead, but I’m blind Maybe it’s all in your head, In your mind Is 35 really dead? or alive I will believe […]

Unlike Pluto - Rose Colored Lenses Lyrics

Unlike Pluto – Rose Colored Lenses Lyrics

Rose Colored Lenses Lyrics – Unlike Pluto Rose colored lenses They’re tinting my senses My altered memories Changing how I think Stuck in illusion It turns to delusion My life […]

Unlike Pluto - Addict Lyrics

Unlike Pluto – Addict Lyrics

Addict Lyrics By Unlike Pluto I’m an addict just for you An addict Just for you Feel a fire under my skin, like it’s burning me Tension builds, adrenaline gets […]