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Unlike Pluto – Damage Control Lyrics

Damage Control by Unlike Pluto [Unlike Pluto] I’m on my way Feel like a king Then my cell rings Ruins everything yeah The mayhem spreads Progress is dead Shoes filled […]

Unlike Pluto – Adios Lyrics

Adios Lyrics by Unlike Pluto So adios to the girl I knew Sayonara to the life you screwed Bon voyage [?] Pick a f-----’ language Finally I’m done with you […]

Unlike Pluto – Illusion Lyrics

Illusion Lyrics By Unlike Pluto I know She hates my friends, so I let them go I know She hates my clothes, so I had to trade them all I […]

Unlike Pluto – Closed Loop Lyrics

Just another day Just another day I’m goin crazy Caught up in the fray Caught in the shades of grey I’m hazy My life’s a loop that cycles Look at […]

Unlike Pluto – Dosage Lyrics

Dosage Lyrics by Unlike Pluto [Unlike Pluto] Whatchu really think of me Did you think I wouldn’t see How you never wait for me So Imma keep you at arms […]

Unlike Pluto – Riptide Lyrics

Riptide Lyrics [Unlike Pluto] You hit me like a rip tide But I never noticed cuz you always kept it under disguise Lifted up the curtain let me see what […]

Unlike Pluto – Scrooge Syndrome Lyrics

Scrooge Syndrome Lyrics by Unlike Pluto [Unlike Pluto] I don’t have the time, For your cheer, I dont’ wanna drink, Your cheap beer, Pulling me every way, can’t find a […]

Unlike Pluto – Ethel Lyrics

Ethel Lyrics Unlike Pluto I don’t know how to say (oh) we’re long gone We’re gone, long gone, gone I don’t show, that it went wrong, that I’m not strong […]

Unlike Pluto – Cruel Lyrics

Cruel by Unlike Pluto Released : 2018 Full Lyrics will be available soon. Check out Later, or You Can Add Lyrics Using Form Below.

Unlike Pluto – No Innocence Lyrics

No Innocence by Unlike Pluto Released : 2018 Pour one out for my innocence I ain’t seeking any compliments I ain’t looking for constituents Don’t worry, don’t worry bout me […]

Unlike Pluto – I Need A Win Lyrics

I Need A Win by Unlike Pluto Released : 2017 I wanted to try this again. I wanted to try this one more time. Maybe ’cause I’ve been damaged, maybe […]