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Category: Upchurch

Upchurch – Travelers Lyrics

Travelers By Upchurch Lyrics I’m a travelin’ gypsy tipsy off weed and rye whiskey Whistlin’ the silence at night As the ghosts emerge from the thick weeds Driftin’ in clothin’ they had When they […]

Upchurch – So Brooklyn Remix Lyrics

So Brooklyn Remix By Upchurch Lyrics He’s comin’ with nothin’ but fire Fire, fire, fire Fire and then after that I seen him comin’ around the corner with another stack […]

Upchurch – Wake Me Up Lyrics

Wake Me Up by Upchurch: Wake Me Up Lyrics: I’m living in a dream now, oh Smokin’ blue dream in my dream house, oh And I’m drivin’ dream cars, GPS me to the […]

Upchurch – Huckleberry Lyrics

Huckleberry by Upchurch: Huckleberry Lyrics: Son, I’ve been in the woods for like a week Smokin’ weed and gettin’ back to myself Hehe, ha ha ha, yeah Church Ayy, ayy, […]

Upchurch – Dance With The Devil Lyrics

Dance With The Devil by Upchurch: Dance With The Devil Lyrics: Every night that I’m alone, I fall in a different zone I am in a place my body isn’t needed anymore I […]

Upchurch – No One Told Us Lyrics

No One Told Us by Upchurch: No One Told Us Lyrics: You smell that fan in the window lettin’ air in Coals still burnin’ outside from last weekend Your truck […]

Upchurch – Holler Boys Lyrics

Holler Boys by Upchurch: Holler Boys Lyrics: The only poison I’ve had is ivy The only man I fear is God No snakes can make me run now ‘Cause I’ve […]

Upchurch – West Side Lyrics

West Side by Upchurch: West Side Lyrics: From the west side Where the cowboys roam the night The Monte Carlos rumble by Under these faded old street lights Whoa-whoa on the west side […]

Upchurch – One Of Them Buddies Lyrics

One Of Them Buddies by Upchurch: One Of Them Buddies Lyrics: That old water tower smack dab in the middle of town One time I was gonna spray paint big green pot plant […]

Upchurch – Parachute Lyrics

Parachute by Upchurch: Parachute Lyrics: Whoa, whoa, whoa Lonely is the only top, parachute me I’m comin’ back down God dang, everyone comin’ at my throat now I’m bouta sell all my real estate […]

Upchurch – Some Days Lyrics

Some Days by Upchurch: Some Days Lyrics: Some days I don’t wanna wake, I just wanna bake I don’t wanna wake, tell my mate roll me up a J Fill my room up […]

Upchurch – Fallen ft. My Mama Lyrics

My Mama by Upchurch If you feel like you’re fallen Tell me and I’ll also make the leap And if you feel like you’re empty Let me in your soul I’ll fix the leak […]

Upchurch – Lately Lyrics

Upchurch – Lately Lyrics

Lately by Upchurch Ayy, lately I’ve been thinkin’ ’bout my life Like where I’m at and where I’m goin’ when there is no mic Yeah, like why’s the time feel […]

Upchurch – CHEATHAM Lyrics

CHEATHAM Lyrics by Upchurch [Upchurch] Church (Church, Church, Church, Church, Church) Yeah, okay [Upchurch] Eh, I be posted up in park, fumes comin’ out my s--- exhaust Yellow lights just […]