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Category: Valley

Valley - Last Birthday Lyrics

Valley – Last Birthday Lyrics

Last Birthday Lyrics – Valley I wanted to talk, you wanted to sleep Put your headphones in and recline the seat Counting the cars while you’re counting the sheep I […]

Valley - Cure Lyrics

Valley – Cure Lyrics

Cure Lyrics Valley I wanna focus on you and forget my past You’ve been on my to do list and we can change that I just wanna be your cure […]

Valley - ain't my girl Lyrics

Valley – ain’t my girl Lyrics

ain’t my girl Lyrics Valley Got yourself a new haircut Makes me wish that I could call you up Talkin’ about Growing up Now it’s all nothing to me Cause […]

Valley - Tempo Lyrics

Valley – Tempo Lyrics

Tempo Lyrics – Valley We can change the tempo I like it when we go slow The way you movin’, the way you move is so pro Like ’98, you […]

Valley - SOCIETY Lyrics

Valley – SOCIETY Lyrics

SOCIETY Lyrics – Valley Might need a break To over take This cycle of another song, a different day It feels so fake Copy and paste A formulaic version of […]

Valley - Like 1999 Lyrics

Valley – Like 1999 Lyrics

Like 1999 Lyrics – Valley woke up it’s 2021 I wanna get texts but I never wanna text back fuck man, I’m 2020 done another paycheck and I blew it […]