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Category: Vance Joy

Vance Joy - Missing Piece Lyrics

Vance Joy – Missing Piece Lyrics

Missing Piece Lyrics – Vance Joy I’ve been waiting for the tides to change For the waves to send you my way I see you darling but you pixilate It […]

Vance Joy – Wasted Time Lyrics

Wasted Time By Vance Joy Why Why do you go wasting your time on me You’re so beautiful now There’s so much that’s left for you now Oh yeah, babe […]

Vance Joy – Riptide Lyrics

Riptide By Vance Joy I was scared of dentists and the dark I was scared of pretty girls and starting conversations Oh, all my friends are turning green You’re the […]

Vance Joy – Who Am I Lyrics

Who Am I By Vance Joy Hold me up to the light Tell me if the sun comes shining through And I’ve got this heaviness in my chest Since your […]

Vance Joy – From Afar Lyrics

From Afar By Vance Joy You told me, “Boy, look the other way.” You told me, “Boy, bite your tongue.” Yes that’s not the way, Yeah that’s not the way […]

Vance Joy – Georgia Lyrics

Georgia By Vance Joy She is something to behold Elegant and bold She is electricity Running to my soul And I could easily lose my mind The way you kiss […]

Vance Joy – Red Eye Lyrics

Red Eye By Vance Joy She don’t like small places Give her highways and byways And don’t get stuck in her head And it’s been so long And I will […]

Vance Joy – First Time Lyrics

First Time By Vance Joy Come over to my house jump in the neighbor’s pool, it felt nice, felt so nice And it was getting dark, you wrapped your long […]

Vance Joy – My Kind Of Man Lyrics

My Kind Of Man By Vance Joy Don’t walk too proud, don’t talk too loud And make it up as you go And take whatever you’re given And leave what […]