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Category: VanJess

VanJess - Roses Lyrics

VanJess – Roses Lyrics

Roses Lyrics – VanJess You got to be sensitive with roses Fragile but open if you want this Never been lost in someone this fast Gimme love, all of me […]

VanJess - Curious Lyrics

VanJess – Curious Lyrics

Curious Lyrics – VanJess I been curious, curious ’bout you babe Furious furious, drive me crazy I’m curious Where have you been all my life? Curious So curious You just […]

VanJess - Dysfunctional Lyrics

VanJess – Dysfunctional Lyrics

Dysfunctional Lyrics – VanJess You got me out here screamin’, waitin’ for you But I know that you won’t hear me call You got me out here screamin’, waitin’ for […]

VanJess - Caught Up Lyrics

VanJess – Caught Up Lyrics

Caught Up Lyrics – VanJess Heavy breathing As I’m sinking Know what it means In too deep and Suffocating You’ve captured me I’m in misery without your company Don’t want […]

VanJess - Groove Thang Lyrics

VanJess – Groove Thang Lyrics

Groove Thang Lyrics – VanJess Well, it’s a groove thing It’s got a funky swing Well, it’s a groove thing A groove thing We’re moving on, deep and strong Don’t […]