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Category: VÉRITÉ

VÉRITÉ - ​save up Lyrics

VÉRITÉ – ​save up Lyrics

​save up Lyrics By VÉRITÉ I put my makeup on Every night Contoured lines Lipstick dried Kiss you once Kiss you twice Fuck me up Every time I hear you […]

VÉRITÉ – think of me Lyrics

think of me By VÉRITÉ Lyrics All of my atoms are under attack Don’t wanna feel nothing, so I don’t react No, I don’t even notice you You in the […]

VÉRITÉ - good for it Lyrics

VÉRITÉ – good for it Lyrics

good for it by VÉRITÉ: I don’t know why I don’t apologize I fuck myself up every time I try ‘Cause I let the idealism in your eyes So keep holding your stare, keep […]