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Category: Vince Staples

Vince Staples – Sheet Music Lyrics

Sheet Music By Vince Staples Lyrics Margiela blue Chucks My Hemi suped-up Dark skinned and huge butt White linen, Ku-Klux Yeah, that’s your baby mama in my bedsheets That’s your caby mama in my […]

Vince Staples – FUN! Lyrics

FUN! By Vince Staples Lyrics One time, circling the block Lil’ buddy got murdered on the flock Two times, you know how we rock You know who we knocked on, […]

Vince Staples – So What? Lyrics

So What? by Vince Staples Why they hate on me (X5) Booty club shaking dice with the strippers Throw a six, throw a five, i’m a winner Throw a two, […]

Vince Staples - Home Lyrics

Vince Staples – Home Lyrics

Home Lyrics Vince Staples This morning I woke up in a fortress of distortion I’m at war with my emotions, I’m at war with the enforcement Tryna fight for what’s […]

Vince Staples – Yeah Right Lyrics

Yeah Right by Vince Staples Lyrics feat. Kendrick Lamar Released : 2017 Boy yeah right, yeah right, yeah right (Boy yeah right, yeah right, yeah right) Boy yeah right, yeah […]

Vince Staples – Big Fish Lyrics

Big Fish by Vince Staples Lyrics Released : 2017 Genre : Hip Hop [Juicy J] You can get anything you want Know what I’m saying? You want that over there? […]