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Wallice - Loser At Best Lyrics

Wallice – Loser At Best Lyrics

Loser At Best Lyrics -‪ Wallice Said you’re changing for the better But you’re too much like this May weather ...

Wallice - Best Friend Lyrics

Wallice – Best Friend Lyrics

Best Friend Lyrics – Wallice Showed up to the party And I’ve haven’t yet forgotten Why I feel my nerves ...

Wallice - Japan Lyrics

Wallice – Japan Lyrics

Japan Lyrics – Wallice Bought a one way ticket To central Japan Getting lost in the city That was once ...

Wallice - Funeral Lyrics

Wallice – Funeral Lyrics

Funeral Lyrics – Wallice I met the reaper and all her friends On the old road outside magic mountain Can’t ...

Wallice - Little League Lyrics

Wallice – Little League Lyrics

Little League Lyrics – Wallice I always win Every game I play I hate the sound Of second place We’re ...

Wallice - Hey Michael Lyrics

Wallice – Hey Michael Lyrics

Hey Michael Lyrics – Wallice I heard you’re pretty good at drums I think that’s pretty cool But if you ...