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Category: Westlife

Westlife - Wild Dreams Lyrics

Westlife – Wild Dreams Lyrics

Wild Dreams Lyrics – Westlife Yeah I’ve been livin’ it up Without a rhythm or rhyme I got ‘ya out of my life But never out of my mind ‘Cause […]

Westlife - Lifeline Lyrics

Westlife – Lifeline Lyrics

Lifeline Lyrics – Westlife When I breaking you just know Without a word you always show That I’ll never be alone Hold out your hand and take me home You […]

Westlife - Alive Lyrics

Westlife – Alive Lyrics

Alive Lyrics – Westlife Not everyone will Understand you Not everyone will Make you laugh like I do Not everyone will Know just how you’re feeling But everyone is Not […]

Westlife - Rewind Lyrics

Westlife – Rewind Lyrics

Rewind Lyrics – Westlife It feels like forever That I’m left wondering how you have been And all the time we’ve lived in between Since you were here right next […]

Westlife - End Of Time Lyrics

Westlife – End Of Time Lyrics

End Of Time Lyrics – Westlife On the day we met, no I won’t forget Something in your eyes lit up in me Like an empty space that I could […]

Westlife - Magic Lyrics

Westlife – Magic Lyrics

Magic Lyrics – Westlife Maybe your little spark Just a flicker in a street light As you walking pass Maybe somebody beside you That you don’t even know yet Was […]

Westlife - Always With Me Lyrics

Westlife – Always With Me Lyrics

Always With Me Lyrics – Westlife They say that time can heal a broken heart But I just don’t know how this could be true Everyday I see a picture […]

Westlife - My Hero Lyrics

Westlife – My Hero Lyrics

My Hero Lyrics – Westlife You’ve known me at my lowest stage You’ve brought me through the burning rain You knew who you were navigating I feel love Even in […]

Westlife - Starlight Lyrics

Westlife – Starlight Lyrics

Starlight Lyrics – Westlife Could it be could it be e start of something? Maybe our maybe our lucks about to Turn around around a little ‘Cause right now we’re […]

Westlife – Dynamite Lyrics

​Westlife have shared their new single ‘Dynamite’ : take a listen and read the ‘Dynamite’ lyrics below. Dynamite by Vera Blue Last night I thought I was dreaming These things […]

Westlife – Better Man Lyrics

Better Man Lyrics by J Balvin You and I had something special, baby Something that you only see on movie screens, I know Lately, I’ve been missing you like crazy […]