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Category: Witt Lowry


CHANGES By WITT LOWRY I’m destined for better things And I’m trying to better me I’ve been finding better days But I’m finding everything changes (Changes, changes, changes) Everything changes […]

Witt Lowry – Your Side Lyrics

Your Side By Witt Lowry Your ex, he cheated on you, my ex, she cheated on me Wanna say “Thank you” to them, they gave us reasons to leave Lost […]


THE RISE By WITT LOWRY It’s a goddamn shame (Woo) You been lookin’ for change, but you never wanna goddamn change (Yah) Stupid motherfucker, better stay in your goddamn lane […]

Witt Lowry – Welcome Lyrics

Welcome · Witt Lowry I’ve had a lot on my mind I’ve had a lot on my chest I wear my heart on my sleeve I wear my hurt like a vest Work every […]

Witt Lowry – Alone Lyrics

Alone · Witt Lowry Yeah, his name is Tom, but his friends call him T They go in the bed at three, he’s barely been gettin’ sleep Yeah, he has a family that he […]

Witt Lowry – Proud Lyrics

Proud · Witt Lowry The one and only Witt Lowry, some people call me Lowry You talk a lot of shit when you don’t even fuckin’ know me A bunch of fuckin’ actors, think […]