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Category: Wiz Khalifa

American rapper

Wiz Khalifa – Use Your Manners Lyrics

Use Your Manners By Wiz Khalifa It’s only weed Ha-ha-ha Female Ha-ha-ha Don’t be rude Use your manners Joints get lit Hate on me, what’s the point of it? These […]

Wiz Khalifa – Easy Access Lyrics

Easy Access By Wiz Khalifa One for the money With a hurt foot, I’ma run to the money From the dirt, n----, I don’t come from the money For what […]

Wiz Khalifa – Taste Freestyle Lyrics

Taste Freestyle by Wiz Khalifa f--- them corny n-----, best believe we get it poppin’ i just gotta talk, i’m clumsy so i’ll probably drop it go figure, gettin’ money so they try to […]

Wiz Khalifa – I’ll Be Good Lyrics

I’ll Be Good by Wiz Khalifa less talkin’, more in the bank bomb weed rolled now i’m pourin’ the drink i’on got to go to the store cause i’m laced it ain’t even […]

Wiz Khalifa – Never Lie Lyrics

Never Lie by Wiz Khalifa (feat. Moneybagg Yo) I can see it in your eyes, they never lie Hearing rumors, f--- them, why I’m not surprised I can tell you’re dying deep inside […]

Wiz Khalifa – All for You Lyrics

All for You Lyrics by Wiz Khalifa [THEMXXNLIGHT] Yeah You need someone to love you shorty Love you shorty You need someone You need someone to, ayy You need someone […]

Wiz Khalifa – Real One Lyrics

Real One Lyrics by Wiz Khalifa [Deji] How it feel, how it feel To have a real on in your corner baby? They can never con it baby How it […]

Wiz Khalifa – Taylor Life Lyrics

Taylor Life Lyrics by Wiz Khalifa [Sosamann] What I’m smokin’ got me feelin’ Like we ain’t ever comin’ down tonight And I came from the bottom, nowadays they see me […]

Wiz Khalifa – Gold Bottles Lyrics

Gold Bottles Lyrics by Wiz Khalifa Yeah, yeah We still in the mix We got that Wiz Khalifa We got that McQueen We got that Taylor Gang It’s all coming […]