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Category: Wiz Khalifa

American rapper

Wiz Khalifa – Y U Mad Lyrics

Y U Mad By Wiz Khalifa Huh? Why y’all gotta be mad at me? Mustard on the beat, ho Top down, shirt open ’cause I’m hot now 100K for the […]

Wiz Khalifa – Out in Space Lyrics

Out in Space By Wiz Khalifa Stackin’ my paper up, no, I don’t make enough All of these niggas, I smoke when I’m wakin’ up No, I ain’t fake enough, […]

Wiz Khalifa – Still Wiz Lyrics

Still Wiz By Wiz Khalifa Uh, hehehehehe Hahaha Hitmaka Sound I’m still Wiz (Still Wiz) Niggas got me in that mood (In that mood) How they hatin’ when they know […]

Wiz Khalifa – High Today Lyrics

High Today By Wiz Khalifa Where is my mind? It’s far away Up in the sky, I’m high today Breakin’ all down, then we rollin’ it up I can see […]

Wiz Khalifa – Contact Lyrics

Contact By Wiz Khalifa Written By Ronny J, Tim Gomringer, Kevin Gomringer, Wiz Khalifa & Tyga Released On March 23, 2020 Oh my God, Ronny I’m a big dog, baby, […]