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Category: X Ambassadors

X Ambassadors – Okay Lyrics

Okay By X Ambassadors I know I kissed you, oh Made you cry, made you soft But I can’t lie, we’re both grown-ups now I know it’s not fair But […]

X Ambassadors – Happy Home Lyrics

Happy Home By X Ambassadors How could we wreck this happy home? How could we wreck this happy home? Before everything fell to pieces We was on some you and […]

X Ambassadors – Belong Lyrics

Belong By X Ambassadors It’s funny how life gets complicated It’s funny how life just takes its toll It’s funny how everything leads to something Now I’m back, where I […]

X Ambassadors – Great Unknown Lyrics

Great Unknown By X Ambassadors I’ll follow you anywhere Where you wanna go, yeah I don’t care Let the river drown all our fears If the pouring rain, washes you […]

X Ambassadors – OPTIMISTIC Lyrics

OPTIMISTIC by X Ambassadors I feel like clawin’ out my eyes I feel like crawlin’ out my skin Never again, never again Say never again, never again I feel like runnin’ down my street […]