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Category: Yelawolf

Yelawolf – Addiction Lyrics

Addiction Lyrics by Yelawolf Mama always said I was a space cadet That I would lose my head if it wasn’t attached Thank God I was touched with the vision […]

Yelawolf – Over Again Lyrics

Over Again Lyrics by Yelawolf Why do I feel like killing myself with this love? Why do I drown my sorrow inside of the clubs? Why must I do these […]

Yelawolf – All The Way Up Lyrics

All The Way Up Lyrics by Yelawolf (Let the band play) [Yelawolf:] Yeah, uh, uh I hardly expected to target you b------ I guess it’s time for me to whip […]

Yelawolf – Box Chevy Lyrics

Box Chevy Lyrics by Yelawolf [Yelawolf:] Uh, yeah See I’m a walking, talking, barking, biting, fighting Lightning in a bottle, Chevrolet golden model Crystal glass full of Creek water when […]

Yelawolf – We Slum Lyrics

We Slum Lyrics by Yelawolf (Please don’t make me Please don’t make me take off the safety I run things, see, things don’t run me) [Shawty Fatt:] Stuck in the […]

Yelawolf – Trailer Park Hollywood Lyrics

Trailer Park Hollywood Lyrics by Yelawolf Heavy metal longsleeve made in 1988 Fake nugget wristwatch made in 1988 Dixie cup in the cup holder, shakin’, makin’ waves Boom, boom, boom, […]

Yelawolf – Drugs Lyrics

Drugs Lyrics by Yelawolf (Drugs) (Drugs) (Drugs) I never was the one in the classroom sitting with my hand up When the teacher told us that we needed to report […]

Yelawolf – Like I Love You Lyrics

Like I Love You Lyrics by Yelawolf Let me come inside, swallow all your pride Said you had that fire, please don’t change your mind Keep me no surprise, this […]

Yelawolf – Rowdy Lyrics

Rowdy Lyrics by Yelawolf [DJ Paul:] If you rowdy, say you rowdy (Slumafia) If you rowdy, say you rowdy If you rowdy, say you rowdy (Slumafia) [Yelawolf:] If you rowdy, […]

Yelawolf – Trunk Muzik Intro Lyrics

Trunk Muzik Trunk Muzik 3 Ala-f-------bama Trunk Muzik Slumerican Shady Trunk Muzik Supahot Beatz And we still bumpin’ that Trunk, b---- I take a piss in the battle, throw that […]

YelaWolf – Bloody Sunday Freestyle Lyrics

YelaWolf – Bloody Sunday Freestyle Lyrics

Bloody Sunday Freestyle Lyrics by YelaWolf Yelawolf Catfish Billy M.W.A. Ghetto Cowboy, m----------- Brian Jones Yeah, never had to walk away from anybody, always been a body from the jump […]

Yelawolf – Billy Goat Freestyle Lyrics

Billy Goat Freestyle Lyrics by Yelawolf [Yelawolf] Yelawolf Catfish Billy Goat Really though… (Haha) Yeah! [Yelawolf] I must… I must be a f------ goat The way this chain is hanging […]