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Category: Young Dolph

Young Dolph - RNB lyrics

Young Dolph – RNB lyrics

RNB By Young Dolph (Play me some pimpin’, man) Baby Baby, baby, baby Oh, baby (Baby) Uh-huh Yeah, yeah, it’s Dolph (What Juicy say? He be like, “Shut the f--- […]

Young Dolph – Sunshine Lyrics

Sunshine By Young Dolph Man, them kids loud as hell downstairs This s--- crazy as hell, what’s goin’ on on the news Ayy, bae, pass me that phone Tray Tray, […]

Young Dolph – Tric Or Treat Lyrics

Tric Or Treat By Young Dolph Lyrics Zone 6 n----, pryrex whippin’ whippin’ pryrex, yeah Check me out Once upon a time it was a lil n---- from south memphis […]

Young Dolph – Crashin’ Out Lyrics

Crashin’ Out by Young Dolph Lately I been feeling like spazzin’ out Memphis n----- known for crashin’ out I heard you going broke, so you a--’d out Tryna keep up […]

Young Dolph – By Mistake Lyrics

By Mistake by Young Dolph Released : 2018 Skrt, skrt, skrt, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Skrrrt Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Mmm-hmm, yeah Run up on […]