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Category: YSN Flow

YSN Flow - Blow It All Lyrics

YSN Flow – Blow It All Lyrics

Blow It All By YSN Flow She tryna fuck on the kitchen Only way that we fuck, if you bring all your friends Uh-uh-huh, uh-uh-huh, yeah, yeah (Ferno spazzed on […]

YSN Flow - Social Distancing Lyrics

YSN Flow – Social Distancing Lyrics

Social Distancing By YSN Flow Ayy-ayy-ayy-ayy-ayy Ayy-ayy-ayy-ayy-ayy Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah L462, gang (Let that shit ride, 88) On granny, yeah, yeah Put the four in the double cup She hate me more […]

YSN Flow – Prescription Lyrics

Prescriptions By YSN Flow WoodOnTheBeat I’m sippin’ on prescription, I ain’t got a subscription, oh-oh-oh L462 gang I’m sippin’ on prescription and I ain’t got a subscription Perc 30s in […]

YSN Flow – PAIN Lyrics

PAIN By YSN Flow Come on Morty give me a beat Oh man, ok, alright, um I said I pop perky’s and 30’s to heal my pain Even though they […]