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Category: Yung Gravy

Yung Gravy – Richard Simmons Lyrics

Richard Simmons by Yung Gravy Diamonds dancin’ on my wrist just like Richard Simmons (Simmons) Got the Patek with the drip like I’m f-----’ winnin’ (B----) Now them diamonds on […]

Yung Gravy – E.T. Lyrics

E.T. by Yung Gravy Peter Piper picked a pack of Percs up, now I’m rich P---- boy flex foreign, I’ma pull up in my spaceship Ayy, b----, it’s Gravy Mayo, […]

Yung Gravy – Gravy Train Lyrics

Gravy Train by Yung Gravy (When it’s) Alright, and it’s comin’ along Yung Gravy in this b---- and I pull up (B----) (We gotta get right back, where we, started […]

Yung Gravy – Whip a Tesla Lyrics

Whip a Tesla by Yung Gravy Oh-oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh-oh It’s Jason Rich, baby Bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum Ohh, baby Gravy get near, your b---- disappear, I call […]

Yung Gravy – Charlene Lyrics

Charlene Lyrics by Yung Gravy Gravy, what’s it take to be your lady? I’m tryna have my baby with Gravy, ’cause lately I— Gravy, what’s it take to be your […]

Yung Gravy – Buttered Up Lyrics

Buttered Up by Yung Gravy [Yung Gravy:] Play me some pimpin’, mane Jason Rich on the beat, b---- I said, hey, Mrs. Buttersworth, ooh, baby You got a--, come and […]

Yung Gravy – Gravy for Pope Lyrics

Gravy for Pope by Yung Gravy They sayin’ Gravy for Pope Got the strap with the scope And I give people hope And you b---- tryn’ elope They say Gravy […]

Yung Gravy – Magic Lyrics

Magic Lyrics by Yung Gravy [Yung Gravy] Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh It’s Jason Rich, baby Oh, baby! [Yung Gravy] Gravy get near, your b---- disappear, I call that s--- magic (Woah) She […]

Yung Gravy – Alley Oop Lyrics

Alley Oop Lyrics Yung Gravy (feat. Lil Baby) Aye Drunk in Atlanta I’m at you crib with the pack like I’m Santa (Santa) With a b---- from Havana F--- with […]

Yung Gravy – Pizzazz Lyrics

Pizzazz by Yung Gravy Released : 2018 (Pour some Gravy on it!) You know sometimes they ask me Who do I do it for? You see I do it for […]